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MSPC 2017 Winners


Congratulations to the creators of the 2017 winning posters!


Grades K-3

  • First Place: Savannah Pierce & Ivana Ramos, Robinson, “Boys Vs. Girls”
  • Second Place: Elijah Luedke & Caleb Wright, Robinson, “The Fish Report”
  • Third Place: Krishna Mano & Chase Grinivis, Knapp Forest Elementary, “Save Tiger Hippo Elephant Monkey (Endangered Animals)”

Grades 4-6

  • First Place: Briella Beemer, Georgetown Elementary, “Does Gender or Learning Environment Affect What People Enjoy Most in School?”
  • Second Place: Sophia Galbavi, Mary A. White, “Endangered Species”
  • Third Place: Joseph McClelland, Goodwillie Environmental School, “The Price of Victory: An Analysis of the Correlation between Payroll and Wins in Major League Baseball”

Grades 7-9

  • First Place: Abigail Comilla, Mia Kerchen, & Autumn Smith, Macomb Academy of Arts & Sciences, “Are You Biased?”
  • Second Place: Paige Drob & Michael Hirchberger, Macomb Academy of Arts & Sciences, “When in Doubt Guess C”
  • Third Place: Brenna Staley, St. John's Lutheran School, “Service Dog Stats”

Grade 10-12

  • First Place:  Kate Hervey, Saline High School, “Interracial Relationships”
  • Second Place: Skyler Hardt & Payton Cole, Saline High School, “Is Abortion Okay?”
  • Third Place: Emily Huetteman, Saline High School, “View on Border Protection”