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MSPC 2015 Winners


Congratulations to the creators of the 2015 winning posters!


Grades K-3

  • First Place: Isabella Ishanyan, Ellory Zietz, Angela Yang, Lily Ohlman, Thornapple Elementary, "How Much Sugar?"
  • Second Place: Jacob Harleton, Pine Ridge, "How Has Baseball Changed"
  • Third Place: Brady Miller, Alexander McConnell, Peter Nemmers, Nicholas Konkle, Thornapple Elementary, "NBA MVPs from 2002-2014"

Grades 4-6

  • First Place: Grace Robertson, Annie Knee, Brooke Bujdos, Northern Trails 5/6, "Sweating for Some Sports Information"
  • Second Place: Sam Ardinger, Pine Ridge, "So You Want to be a Lawyer"
  • Third Place: Jonas Arnemann, Sofia Brown, Thornapple Elementary, "Trick, or Treat?"

Grades 7-9

  • First Place: Ethan Bonnell, ATYP - Kent ISD, "Must Reads:  What Books are Recommended for Youth?"
  • Second Place: Logan Luckhardt, Braden Caszatt, Lee Blumenauer, Bailey Elliot, Manchester Middle School, "Pass the Whipped Cream"
  • Third Place: Daniel Perez, Holland New Tech High School, "Game Console Units"

Grade 10-12

  • First Place: Victor Chen, Kera Yang, Saline High School, "Professor Salary Disparities"
  • Second Place: Abby M Rentschler, Saline High School, "Does Wearing Spandex Shorts Improve Running Times?"
  • Third Place: Kyle Boxeth, Michael Chen, Saline High School, "Can Band Students Hold Their Breath Longer Than Orchestra Students?"