MSPC 2014 Winners


Congratulations to the 2014 winners!


Grades K-3

  • First Place: Joseph McClelland, Ada Vista Elementary, "Time Out!"
  • Second Place: Lucy McLean, Pine Ridge Elementary, "Cat Adoption in the US"
  • Third Place: Samantha McClelland, Ada Vista Elementary, "Precious Pets"

Grades 4-6

  • First Place: Amara Thompson, Pete Beckholt, Riley Street Middle, "Who's Multiplying Faster-Europe or Africa?"
  • Second Place: Victoria  Clark, Matthew Huizinga, Holland Public Schools IDEA Lab, "Sports Drinks All Around"
  • Third Place: Kaitlyn Haen, St. Charles Catholic School, "MineCraft"

Grades 7-9

  • First Place: Scott Hadley, KENT ISD - ATYP, "Do Spinach Disks Need a Light Snack"
  • Second Place: Jorren Palmeter, Owen Whitney, Joshua Krutsch, A.J. Jones, Manchester Middle School, "Who gets to throw the cap?"
  • Third Place: Jocelyn Boote, Logan Huff, Gillian Bross, Liz. O'Hotzke, Manchester Middle School, "Battery Usage"

Grade 10-12

  • First Place: Annie Lee, Saline High School, "Does Time of Day Affect Flexibility?"
  • Second Place: Adriane White, Alisha Patel, Saline High School, "Are Genetically Modified Organisms Really That Harmful?"
  • Third Place: Melissa Ploucha, Saline High School, "Does Stretching and a Warm-up increase vertical?"