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Faculty & Staff


Name Email Office Research Interests  
Pearson, Robert MAK C-2-509 Factor Analysis, multivariate statistics, statistics education View Profile
Petroelje, Wayne MAK D-1-106 View Profile
Reischman, Diann MAK C-2-515 Medical Statistics, Mathematical Statistics View Profile
Richardson, Mary MAK A-1-168 Statistics Education View Profile
Rogness, Neal MAK A-1-160 Lexical Ambiguity, Statistics Education, Questionnaire Design, Sampling View Profile
Shoultz, Gerald MAK A-1-114 Biostatistics, Spatial Statistics View Profile
Stephenson, Patricia MAK A-1-118 Statistics Education View Profile
Stephenson, Paul MAK A-1-170 Quality Control, Design of Experiments View Profile
VanderLugt, Thomas MAK A-1-120 View Profile
Ward, Tyler MAK C-2-503 Big Data, Machine Learning View Profile
Whittington, Katie MAK D-1-106 View Profile
Zeitler, David MAK A-1-108 Statistical Computing, Engineering applications View Profile
Zhang, Xiaodan MAK A-1-130 Biostatistics View Profile
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