Hybrid Course Offerings

STA 215 - This is a 50% hybrid course meeting for 4 hours every other week in the evening. Offered for the first time in the Fall of 2010.

The following are weekend offerings specifically designed for particular programs, but others may take the course if there is room.

STA 610 Nursing - Meets 5 times during the semester for 4 hours each meeting. Generally offered during the summer semester. Meetings are generally on Thursday afternoon.

STA 610 Occupational Therapy - Meets 4 times during the semester for 4 hours each meeting. Offered for the first time Fall 2010. Meetings are on Friday evening.

All offerings are by permit only.

If you're interested in the STA 610 courses, please first talk to your Nursing or OT program adviser. If you're not in Nursing or OT, you can contact myself (zeitlerd@gvsu.edu) or the Statistics Academic Coordinator Cheryl Smalley (smalleyc@gvsu.edu) for information.

To look further into the STA215 offering, please go to my Moodle site at the link below and click on the 'STA 215 Hybrid Permit to Register Request' entry. You will find there information about the course and a brief 'quiz' to help determine if a hybrid course is for you. Once you complete the quiz, your request will be considered.


David Zeitler

Page last modified September 14, 2014