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Sault Ste Marie Cohort Students

MSW Students in our Sault Ste. Marie 2016 cohort worked with their Faculty Field Liaison to develop a learning project for seminar that would give back to their community.  The students partnered with a food pantry and assessed for gaps in services and then set out to fill those gaps.  The students identified two projects.  One group identified toilet paper, feminine products, and other hygiene items as in limited supply at the pantry; yet necessary and very costly to those living in poverty.  They developed the “Leave the Paper Trail” campaign and collected donations of these products which were distributed to patrons of the pantry.  The other group identified the overstock of particular food items at the pantry and a lack of knowledge of how to make meals with such items (chick peas, kidney beans as examples). They developed a visually creative and effective small recipe book, with simple instructions and visual aids. The recipe book had a listing of other local food resources at the back of the book.  Students packaged about 20 boxes of food items with the recipe book for the pantry to give out to patrons.   This is one example of creating learning activities for students in community planning that is mutually beneficial to our students and community.

Grand Valley State University is a public institution with a local, regional, and state commitment, as well as a global perspective.  The main graduate campus is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The School of Social Work offers a Masters of Social Work degree to student cohorts located in Traverse City and Sault Ste. Marie at the Lake Superior State University campus.
For more information about the M.S.W. program in Sault Ste. Marie, contact ssw@gvsu.edu or toll free 1.888.922.1785


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