School of Social Work







 NEW 2016 Executive Board!
Title Name Email Address
President Kendra King kingken@mail.gvsu.edu
Vice President Raquel Fuentes fuentesr@mail.gvsu.edu
Secretary Olivia Kirk kirko@mail.gvsu.edu
Treasurer Katelyn Yaczik yackzikk@mail.gvsu.edu
Volunteer Chair Danielle O'Brien obriedan@mail.gvsu.edu
Risk Manager Kendra King kingken@mail.gvsu.edu
Public Relations Chair Autumn Putnam putnamau@mail.gvsu.edu
Faculty Advisors

Brandon Youker

Shelley Schuurman



General Contact Email   gvsubswso@gmail.com


Mission Statement
Our purpose of the group shall be to establish a formal organization where Bachelor of Social Work students at Grand Valley State University can meet to:


Discuss issues of mutual concern

  • Enrich professional identity 
  • Provide advocacy for BSW students
  • Become a viable source for GVSU
  • Increase positive recognition of GVSU in the surrounding area 
  • Enhance organizational skills through participation in group process 
  • Encourage awareness of the various social issues that impact our profession and communities.       



BSW students interested in becoming a member of the student organization are expected to participate in organization discussion though meeting attendance, email correspondence, volunteer and social events, and contribute $5.00 in dues each semester.  If you have any questions in regard to dues, please contact Andrea Smith, BSWSO treasurer.

BSWSO Activities

The organization is committed to providing both volunteer opportunities as well as social activities for all social work students to participate in.  There is an array of possibilities for us and if you have any ideas please let the officers know.

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