School of Social Work

Basic Skills, General Education & Cognate Requirements

Basic Skills
Students must meet requirements in the following basic skills areas:

a. MTH 110
b. WRT 150 and WRT 305
c. Two (2) Supplemental Writing Skills Courses (SWS)

General Education
All but General Education Theme Courses are completed by the end of the junior year.
See Catalog for General Education Categories and their requirements.

Cognate Courses
Courses listed below compliment; augment; are prerequisite and/or co-requisite to the professional BSW curriculum. Note that some courses meet both General Education and Cognate requirements.

Course Number and Title

Gen. Ed. Area

BIO 104 - Biology of People Life Sci. 4
ECO 210 - Principles of MacroEconomics -or-
ECO 211 - Principles of MicroEconomics -or-
SOC 385 - Social Inequalities
Soc. Sci. 3
PLS 102 - Amer. Government and Politics Soc. Sci. 3
PSY 101 - Introduction to Psychology Soc. Sci. 3
PSY 303 - Psychopathology* Soc. Sci. 3
PSY / SOC 360 - Social Psychology* Soc. Sci. 3
SOC 201 - Introduction to Sociology Soc. Sci. 3
SOC 382 - Minority and Ethnic Relations -or-
SW 300 - Pluralism in American Society*
U.S. Div. 3
SOC 384 - Sociology of Drug Use and Abuse -or-
SOC 280 - Social Problems
U.S. Div. 3
STA 215 - Statistics I (Pre: Mth 110) Mth. Sci. 3
Total Cognate Credits:

* NOTE: Though it is recommended that PSY 303; PSY/SOC 360; and SOC 385/SW 300 be completed prior to the candidacy process, you may complete these courses concurrently with the SW Core courses outlined in the third year.  They MUST be satisfied prior to beginning the fourth year (Senior year in Field Practicum)

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