School of Social Work

Bachelor of Social Work Electives

SW Electives
(Six Credits Are Required)
SW 300 Pluralism in American Society
SW 320 Children and Child Welfare Services
SW 322 Health Care and Social Services
SW 354 Social Work: International Service
SW 439 The Family and Social Work Practice
SW 450 Law and Social Work
SW 453 Case Management
SW 460 Special Topics in Social Work
SW 461 Multicultural Issues in Social Work Practice
SW 499 Independent Study in Social Work (1 to 4 credits)
***Note: The student may take no more than 4 credits of SW 499

International Relations Program
(Three Credits are Required)
GPY 235 World Regional Geography
HST 210 Empire, Culture and Conflict
HST 331 Modern Latin America
HST 337 The Islamic World
HST 338 Modern Middle East
HST 386 Europe Since World War II
LAS 374 Revolution in the Americas
PLS 211 Introduction to International Relations
PLS 313 International Organization
PLS 327 Politics of Developing Countries
SW 354 Social Work International Service (One Time Only)
SS 313 African Studies
SS 351 Gender and Family in the Third World

Recommended Free Electives - students are not restricted to this list.
ANT 204 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
PA 270 Public Administration
PA 439 Community Analysis
PHI 102 Ethics
PHI 325 Ethics in the Professions
PSY 310 Behavior Modification
PSY 316 The Psychology of Human Intimacy and Sexuality
SS 381 Death and Dying
SOC 379 Love, Sex and Gender
SOC 383 Sociology of Women
SOC 390 Advanced Seminar in Social Issues
WGS 200 Introduction to Gender Studies
WGS 360 Contemporary Feminist Study
WGS 380 Special Topics in Women's Studies

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