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Upcoming Events

TRiO SSS has success seminars and goes on several cultural events each academic year. This is where the most recent upcoming events can be found. An email is sent to all students prior to the event and this is where you can find details about the upcoming events. Sign Ups and RSVP's will be through OrgSync.

Success Seminars

Cultural/Grad Trip Fall 2016

Ohio State University

The Ohio State University Graduate School will host our students for a morning overview presentation as well as a campus tour and lunch in the Ohio State University Student Center. Our students will explore the Ohio State University Multicultural offices and interact with faculty, staff and students on our visit. Students will gain insight into the application process and requirements for Ohio State University's graduate programs and their competitors.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

Students will explore the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio during the Fall 2016 Graduate and Cultural trip. Students will learn about the history of the underground railroad, as well as gain an understanding of how this system plays a role in their lives and educations today.