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As part of the Cultural Immersion goals of our program, students who are active in the Student Support Services program have the option to join us as we explore local cultural hotspots. From experiencing Chicago and all it has to offer (from ethnic food to local art performances), visiting the museums of Detroit and it's ethnic neighborhoods to the downtown Grand Rapids area, SSS students have the opportunity to experience cultures different than their own.

Guided Excursions

All of the cultural trips TRiO SSS provides seek to enrich the cultural understanding of our participants. Blending intentionality with planned happenstance, excursions are designed in a way that exposes students to specific themes (social justice, healthy living, culture and the arts) while allowing time for individual exploration. Components of these immersion programs typically include a historical perspective, a contemporary viewpoint, a cultural performance and the chance to try local/ethnic cuisine.

Columbus Ohio, Fall 2016

October 6th-9th, 2016 TRiO SSS traveled to Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio to visit Ohio State University and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. This trip included a graduate tour and presentation of Ohio State University as well as food and cultural festival exploration. Students engaged in dialogue and reflection about new experiences while on this trip.



Commitment to Students

In order to make these cultural trips as inclusive as possible, TRiO Student Support Services provides these opportunities at no cost to the student. Although there is generally a $5 deposit collected during the registration process, this nominal fee is always returned to the student. It is the goal of TRiO SSS is to offer these excursions to our students regardless of their financial availability. In doing so, it is our hope that all program participants are able to take part in these trips throughout college.