Science Success Center

What is the Science Success Center?

Location for spring/summer: 399 PAD

The Science Success Center is a walk-in peer tutoring service; no appointment needed.

What we do in the Science Success Center

We facilitate primarily 100/200 level Science courses, but we can

also assist with many upper level courses.

We house many of the current textbooks, which you may use in the Science Success Center.

We house practice tests/other course items in our test bank, from faculty who submit them. You might want to ask your professor to submit items, if they haven’t already done so.


Helpful things to know about the Science Success Center

While we are happy to help you with your homework, we cannot do your homework for you.

We will do our best to help you understand course content,
but if you have not attended lecture, we are unable to cover what you have missed.

We are eager to help, and will do all we can to provide support,
but we may not be able to answer all of your questions.

It is our desire that you perform well on your tests/exams, and we can provide some tools/tips to assist you, but you also must be adequately prepared.

Please refer to your lecture notes/textbook before asking for assistance.

If at all possible, try to keep your questions to something that can be answered and/or explained in
a brief amount of time (less than 15 minutes), as other students may be waiting for assistance.

We can always return to assist you a second/third time, after we have assisted other students.

Out of courtesy, and for the benefit of all, the Science Success Center enforces a No Cell Phone policy. This also includes a

NO texting courtesy while being assisted by a facilitator.

Please refrain from bringing food into the Science Success Center. Coffee, water & pop is allowed.

If you have any questions please call
the Facilitator help desk at 331-3695.


Page last modified May 3, 2016