Athletic & Recreation Facilities Management

  1. Only GVSU individuals and scheduled groups are allowed use of fields - contact 331-3313 or visit our website: facilities
  2. Use of all fields, as participants or spectators, is "at your own risk."  All facility users/spectators should proceed with care and use fields with caution
  3. No alcohol, smoking or tobacco substances allowed.
  4. No food allowed on the artificial turf surface including gum, candy and sunflower seeds.
  5. Water is the only beverage allowed on the artificial turf surface.
  6. Please pick up/remove all trash after use
  7. No spitting on the artificial turf surface
  8. No vehicles permitted on field.  Golf carts are permitted to serve the needs on the perimeter of each field.
  9. Plastic cleats are allowed, no metal cleats on the artificial turf surface.
  10. Track spikes must be pyramid spikes no longer than ¼ inch on track surface.
  11. No field paint/chalk allowed on the artificial turf surface.
  12. Use of fields must be in compliance with GVSU's student code at all times.  Inappropriate or unsportsmanlike behavior and language may result in immediate and/or long term denial of access to outdoor fields.
  13. For health and safety, no pets or animals are allowed on fields or in spectator areas.
  14. Cease activity during bad weather, and/or in conjunction with GVSU officials and staff.
  15. Return all equipment to original condition after each use.
  16. For Safety, do not allow soccer goals and netting to be climbed on.
  17. Parking or unloading is not permitted on or near fields.  Park and unload in paved lots only.
  18. Hitting of golf balls is not permitted on fields.
  19. Do not enter fenced varsity soccer field or track stadium without a confirmed reservation.
  20. Open recreation for activities such as touch football, frisbee, soccer are permitted on the multi-purpose field when no other activities are scheduled if such usage does not damage turf.
  21. GVSU is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  22. In case of emergency call 911 or 331-3255 to contact GVSU campus police.


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