Athletic & Recreation Facilities Management

  1. Use of all courts, as participants or spectators, is "at your own risk."  All facility users/spectators should proceed with care and use courts with caution.
  2. Courts can be reserved to registered student organizations by contacting 331-3313 or on the website:
  3. Use of courts must be in compliance with GVSU's student code at all times.  Inappropriate or unsportsmanlike behavior and language may result in immediate and/or long term denial of access to the outdoor courts.
  4. No alcohol, smoking, or tobacco/controlled substances allowed.
  5. For health and safety, no pets or animals are allowed on courts.
  6. Cease activity during bad weather, and/or in conjunction with GVSU officials and staff.
  7. Report all damages to the Kelly Family Sports Center front desk.
  8. Appropriate attire is required at all times.
  9. Tennis shoes are required on the tennis and basketball courts.
  10. Tennis racquets can be checked out with a GVSU ID at the Kelly Family Sports Center front desk.
  11. Do not Adjust net heights.
  12. No skateboarding allowed on tennis courts.
  13. Rollerblading on WEST roller hockey court only.
  14. Volleyball and basketball court lights are on a light sensitive timer and will turn off at 12:00am
  15. Tennis court lights can be turned on by pushing the light button east of the courts.
  16. Tennis court lights will not work after 12:00am.
  17. Please no gum on the courts.
  18. Please put litter in the trash receptacles.
  19. Outside accessible restrooms are located on the south side of the Kelly Family Sports Center.
  20. GVSU is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  21. In case of emergency call 911 or 331-3255 to contact GVSU campus police.

Page last modified October 13, 2011