School of Public, Nonprofit and Health Administration

Undergraduate Specialty: Public Personnel Management

Volunteerism is at an all-time high, Washington is handing off programs to local government and nonprofit agencies, and local citizens are demanding a more diverse array of public services. At the same time, public and nonprofit agencies must recruit new employees in a tight job market and retain veteran employees tempted by higher private sector pay scales. Public and nonprofit organizations must rely on their Public Personnel Managers to save the day. These specialist must attract new recruits, create professional development opportunities, manage complex benefit packages, promote workforce diversity, encourage ethical behavior, and enhance staff moral.

Preparing for a careers in Public Personnel Management requires development of skills and techniques for selecting candidates, evaluating performance, promoting diversity, developing staff expertise, imbuing agency mission, and fostering ethical conduct.

Public Personnel Management is the focus of PA 376 Public Personnel Policy and Administration. Students with a strong interest in this public and nonprofit administration sub-field should supplement PA 376 with courses in management-labor relations, workforce diversity, leadership, and ethics. In addition to PA 376, students desiring recognition for this specialty must complete at least three of the following courses:

  • PHI 325--Ethics in Professional Life
  • PSY 317--Human Relations
  • LIB 331--Person and Profession
  • MGT 334--Labor and Employment Law
  • MGT 355--The Diversified Workforce
  • PA 390--Leadership Dynamics
  • MGT 432--Grievance Administration, Arbitration, and Collective Bargaining

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