School of Public, Nonprofit and Health Administration

Undergraduate Specialty: Information Technology

Large and small public service workplaces are being transformed by automated information technologies, powerful software applications and sophisticated computer networks. Small agencies are searching for computer literate workers for desktop and web page publishing projects. Large agencies are searching for information systems directors to coordinate their equipment and support staff. And many agencies are seeking employees with spreadsheet, database management, word processing, computer-aided presentation, image processing, business graphics, Geographic Information Systems, and Computer Aided Design backgrounds.

Within public and nonprofit administration, the study of Information Technology should include:

  • building strong computer literacy skills and providing experience with a variety of applications
  • fostering abilities to generate, process, and locate information
  • presenting information graphically (through charts and graphs) and designing graphical user interfaces (for web page and database forms)
  • documenting and disseminating electronic public data
  • recognizing organizational opportunities created by Internet, multimedia and other communication technologies
  • overseeing the creation and maintenance of computer network and information systems
  • managing an organization's technical support and training needs
  • examining public policies regarding on-line privacy, electronic freedom of information, cost recovery for public database development, and telecommunications regulating and franchising.

The basics of Information Technology for public and nonprofit administration are taught in PA 311, Public Sector Information Technology. Students who have a serious interest in IT need additional experience with a variety of software applications. Students desiring recognition for this specialty must complete PA 311 and at least three of the following courses:

  • CS 231--Problem Solving Using Spreadsheets
  • CS 233--Microcomputer Database Management
  • CS 238--Desktop Media
  • CS 237--Microcomputer Communications
  • GPY 307--Introduction to Computer Mapping / GIS
  • MGT 368--Management Information Systems
  • GPY 407--Advanced GIS

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