School of Public, Nonprofit and Health Administration

Undergraduate Minors

Minor in Public Administration

The minor in public administration provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success and advancement in public and nonprofit organizations. Useful for a wide variety of majors, the minor can open the door to exciting careers in public service.

Students minoring in public administration are required to complete the following 21 credits:

  • PA 270: Public Administration
  • PA 307: Local Politics and Administration
    or PLS 203: State Politics
  • PA 360: Volunteerism and the Nonprofit Sector
  • PA 375: Public Budgeting and Finance Administration
  • PA 376: Public Personnel Policy and Administration
  • PA 420: Organization Theory and Dynamics
  • PA 495: Community Analysis (Capstone)

Minor in Nonprofit Administration

What do neighborhood associations, local development corporations, children and youth groups, religious organizations, museums, advocacy and support groups, chambers of commerce, and community clinics have in common? They are all nonprofit organizations that carry out important public service missions in health, recreation, culture, education, religion, or philanthropy. Thousands of large and small nonprofit organizations in Michigan employ people to work in program and event planning, grant writing, fundraising, public relations, program evaluation, and marketing.

The minor in nonprofit management provides students with knowledge and skills useful in understanding and participating in the work of the nonprofit sector. The minor in nonprofit administration consists of 21 credits. The required courses are:

  • PA 270 - Public Administration
  • PA 335 - Grant Writing
  • PA 360 - Volunteerism and the Nonprofit Sector
  • PA 420 - Organization Theory
  • PA 490 - Internship

Two courses can be selected from the following:

  • PA 311 - Public Sector Information Technology
  • PA 376 - Public Personnel Policy and Administration
  • PA 491 - Internship II
  • PA 495 - Community Analysis
  • MGT 355 - The Diversified Work Force
  • MKT 350 - Marketing Management
  • SS 390 - Leadership Dynamics
  • SW 453 - Case Management

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