School of Public, Nonprofit and Health Administration

Steven Patrick MPA '00

City Manager
Coopersville, Michigan

Steven Patrick As City Manager (CM), Steven Patrick is the city's chief administrative officer. He supervises and coordinates administrative officers and departments, prepares and administers the annual budget and city improvements for city council.

"Returning to GVSU to earn my MPA also marked the beginning of a career change from the private sector to the public sector. Course work and especially the instructors were instrumental in providing me with the tools necessary to manage a city. My management experience in the private sector also prepared me to facilitate many of the operations that a city is required to perform regardless of its size. More importantly though, I realized after I earned my MPA that GVSU offers students the highest caliber exposure to academic and scholarly thought and also to real life scenarios that prepare them for what is not found in the books."/p>

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