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Mary Dailey Brown, MPA '10


Mary Dailey Brown After traveling in the Third World for about five years and seeing the plight of women, Mary decided to work at an international organization dedicated to basic holistic care of impoverished women. Not finding any such organization, she and her husband , along with the help of several friends, decided to start SowHope in 2006. The mission of SowHope is to inspire women around the world through wellness, education and economic opportunities.

Mary's educational training and professional experience is in Photography. Upon receiving her BA, she served as a White House photographer for both Presidents Carter and Reagan. She has extensive volunteer and vocational experience having led over 100 volunteer work teams to over 30 counties.

"In 2007, a friend of mine told me about the MPA certificate program at GVSU and I knew immediately that I needed to enroll. Starting an international nonprofit was more than I anticipated and I was grateful that a program existed close by that would equip me with the information I needed to build a strong organization. I found my first class History and Ethics of the Nonprofit Sector so inspiring and informational that I decided I needed the entire MPA course and not just the certificate.

The knowledge I gathered in every GVSU MPA nonprofit management and leadership class I took lent itself wonderfully to the practical application of building our organization on a firm foundation. Even still, this knowledge is second to the incredible moral support I received and the lifelong friendships I developed with my co-students and professors. I can say with a fair amount of certainty that SowHope would not exist without the help and understanding I received on so many levels from this excellent program. For example, co-students have volunteered to serve in the organization and on the board. Ramya Ramanath, one of the MPA professors, will be accompanying SowHope of our next trip to Africa."

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