If you are staying at the tournament hotel, it will be best to park in the hotel parking lot and walk to the competition building (Eberhard Center). Additional parking on Friday (until 6:30pm) will be available in the Conference Services lot located off Fulton (see map). The Eberhard Center is across the street from this parking lot, behind the engineering building.

The conference lot will be open beginning at 6:30am on Friday. You can simply pull up to the gate and the arm will raise to allow you into the conference lot. The lot closes at 10:30pm

Campus lots marked for faculty, staff, students, and residents (along with metered parking on campus) is monitored through 6:30pm on Friday. Friday night parking, and parking on Saturday, is free and open for debate tournament participants. Please follow designated signs and respect spaces reserved for campus facilities, handicap spaces, and reserved signs.



The Eberhard Center is located at 301 Fulton Street West, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

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Page last modified January 26, 2014