Each school must supply ½ judge per squad entered in the tournament - a team entering two squads in a division may supply one full judge.  There will be 1 judge per preliminary round and 3 judges per elimination round.  All judges are obligated for all elimination rounds - we will release judges as soon as possible, however.  That is, we will create panels for all possible final round pairings during the semi-finals and release those judges that cannot judge any final round combination. 

Limited rounds of hired judging may be available for purchase (full committment $150)

Each judge must sign a statement of ethics and responsibility regarding conduct, language and intent.  This, combined with a judge philosophy (which shall include the number of rounds judged on the topic), will certify a judge for the tournament.  All judge philosophies must be available one week before the tournament for a judge to be entered in the pool.  Should any judge behave in a way that violates the code of ethics, they will be removed and not paid for their service.

Page last modified January 7, 2014