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The GVSU Sources Guide is a topical arrangement of Grand Valley faculty and staff members who can serve as sources for reporters in search of commentary on breaking news stories or subjects for features.

The faculty members listed in the guide are also available as speakers for area clubs and organizations. Arrangements can be made with the speakers directly or through News & Information.

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Shaily Menon
Associate Professor
Phone: 616-331-2506
Department: Biology Department
  • Biodiversity Informatics
  • Spatially-explicit Modeling
  • Landscape Ecology
  • Remote Sensing
  • Conservation Biology
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
Shaily Menon's teaching and research have been in the areas of Conservation Biology, Landscape Ecology, Biodiversity Informatics, Dynamic Spatial Modeling, Applications of GIS and Remote Sensing, Environmental Science, and Environmental Ethics. She has worked on biodiversity informatics technology transfer and institutional capacity building for environmental and conservation NGOs and governmental organizations in India and Brazil and has an appointment as a Visiting Scholar at Marsh Institute and Clark University, Massachusetts. (B.Sc., M.Sc., Bombay University; M.S., University of South Carolina; Ph.D. The Ohio State University; Postdoc, University of Massachusetts, Boston.)
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