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The GVSU Sources Guide is a topical arrangement of Grand Valley faculty and staff members who can serve as sources for reporters in search of commentary on breaking news stories or subjects for features.

The faculty members listed in the guide are also available as speakers for area clubs and organizations. Arrangements can be made with the speakers directly or through News & Information.

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Corey Anton
Associate Professor
Phone: 616-331-3321
Department: Communications, School of
  • Rhetoric
  • Communication Theory
  • Media Ethics
  • Phenomenology
  • Semiotics
  • Social Constructionism
  • Dramatistic Rhetoric
  • Early Communication Media (Orality/Literacy)
  • Media Ecology
  • General Semantics
  • Philosophy of Communication
  • Selfhood
Corey Anton, an Alan H. Monroe Scholar from Purdue University, is an award-winning teacher and scholar. He regularly teaches courses in communication studies, including: Theories of Communication, History of Communications Technologies, Critical Interpretation, Special Topics, and Interpersonal Communication. He has been recognized three times for "Dedication and Teaching Excellence" by the GVSU Pan-Hellenic Council, Residence Housing, Greek Life Council and Office of Student Life, and was awarded the 2004 Pew Teaching Excellence Award for Arts and Humanities.

Anton is past chair and program planner for the Semiotics and Communication Division of the National Communication Association (2004-2006), and his publications can be found in journals such as: "Communication Theory," "Philosophy and Rhetoric," "Human Studies," "Semiotica," "Explorations in Media Ecology," "Communication Studies," "ETC," "The American Journal of Semiotics" and "The Atlantic Journal of Communication." He is the author of Selfhood and Authenticity (New York: SUNY Press, 2001), which was awarded the 2004 Erving Goffman Award by the Media Ecology Association (MEA), and the author of the forthcoming books, Sources of Significance, and Communication Uncovered. He currently serves as the editor for the journal Explorations in Media Ecology and is a Trustee on the Board of Directors for the MEA. And most recently, Anton has been elected as a trustee on the Board of Directors for the Institute of General Semantics and has been named a fellow of the International Communicology Institute.