Change U 1.0 Sessions

1.0 Week One: MLK Day and Intersectional Analysis

1.0 Week Two: Privilege – Embedding Racial Justice in all Justice Work

1.0 Week Three: Economic Justice

1.0 Week Four: Tim Wise  Privilege and Racial Justice

1.0 Week Five: Institutional Violence

1.0 Week Six: Media

1.0 Week Seven: Environmental Justice

1.0 Week Eight: LGBT Justice


Change U 2.0 Sessions

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Resources for Change U 1.0 – Week One

January 10, 2013

MLK Day and Intersectional Analysis


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Resources for Change U 1.0 – Week Two

January 17, 2013

Privilege – Embedding Racial Justice in all Justice Work


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Resources for Change U 1.0 - Week Three

January 24, 2013

Economic Justice 


Resources for Change U 1.0 - Week Four

January 31, 2013

Tim Wise – privilege & racial justice


Wise, Tim. Tim Wise: Antiracist Essayist, Author and Educator. Web. 31 Jan. 2013. <>


Resources for Change U 1.0 - Week Five


Resources for Change U 1.0 - Week Six


Resources for Change U 1.0 - Week Seven


Resources for Change U 1.0 - Week Eight


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