Keith Oppenheim

Faculty Photo

Title: Assistant Professor

Field of Study: Broadcasting

Office: 166 LSH

Phone: 616-331-8181



Keith Oppenheim is an Assistant Professor of Broadcasting and comes to Grand Valley as a veteran television journalist.  Keith received his Bachelors in Psychology from Brown University in 1982 and a Masters in Journalism from Columbia University in 1985.  From there, he worked in as a general assignment reporter at television stations in Providence, RI, Scranton, PA, Sacramento, CA and Detroit. From there, Keith worked at CNN in both Atlanta and Chicago in different capacities for a period of 11 years.  He began as a national correspondent for CNN Newsource, the affiliate service that provides live coverage of news events for approximately 800 subscriber stations across the U.S. and Canada.    He advanced to network correspondent at CNN’s Chicago bureau.  From national politics to natural disasters, Keith was on the move covering stories for the network across the country. In 2008, Keith left the network to establish his own business, Keith Oppenheim Communications, where he continues to produce television programs and videos for private clients, including Northwestern University and numerous non-profit agencies in West Michigan. In 2009, Keith came to Grand Valley as a visiting professor, teaching courses, ranging from television production to broadcasting history to news writing.


Television production, broadcasting history, and news writing


B.S., Brown University; M.A., Columbia University