Stafford Smith

Faculty Photo

Title: Assistant Professor

Field of Study: Photography

Office: 275 LSH

Phone: 616-331-8170




Much of Stafford Smith's work revolves around the family and interpersonal relationships within it. In earlier work, he explored the hidden dynamics, tensions and frustrations lurking beneath the surface. His latest project involves an examination of American families in the early 21st century. Entitled "The Family Portrait Project," this latest body of work seeks to redefine the family portrait and deal with the concept of the photograph as a document of proof.  Stafford Smith got his BA at Wesleyan University in printmaking, and after a long hiatus in broadcast television, he returned to art and received his MFA from Cornell University in Photography in 2004.


History of Photography, Computer Photo 1 & 2


B.A., Printmaking, Wesleyan University; M.F.A., Photography, Cornell University.