Broadcasting Major


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The Broadcasting major is firmly rooted in theoretical concepts of communication and critical thinking. Within this approach, the professional instruction strives to equip students with skills, abilities and ethical standards that will serve them well in their electronic media careers.

The Broadcasting major has two areas of emphasis. The Broadcast News emphasis is designed for students interested in careers as reporters, news producers, or news writers. The Production emphasis is designed for students interested in behind-the-scenes careers, such as producers, directors, writers, and editors.

Students have numerous opportunities for internships at radio and television stations in the greater Grand Rapids area. Graduates of the program find employment with broadcast or cable television and radio stations, production companies, or other media related fields.

Mission - Vision - Values

The School of Communications and its major programs, in agreement with the university's mission, educates students to shape their lives, their professions, and their societies. The School of Communications curricula strive to accomplish this within a framework that integrates liberal and professional education. The faculty maintain that an intellectual grasp of a broad range of human knowledge is essential for all educated communication professionals, but that a liberal education is especially important to those whose careers are in the influential and very public arena of Broadcasting. The major aims to impress upon students the values required to maintain the electronic media as responsible sites for cultural and political negotiation. This aim is in agreement with the wider mission of the university.

We assert that the phrase, the public interest, taken from the Communications Act of 1934, is a call to nourish and strengthen vigorous, reasoned public debate regarding issues of social and cultural importance. The faculty maintain that the various electronic media play an integral and vital role in the maintenance of an informed, democratic society. Values
The Broadcasting major maintains that a liberal education is necessary to enrich both personal life and successful careers. Furthermore, the major values mastery of professional skills appropriate to the Broadcasting profession.