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Joel Stillerman

Joel Stillerman (Associate Professor):   Prof. Stillerman's areas of concentration are labor and labor movements, urban sociology, consumer culture, and Latin America.  He has conducted mixed method (ethnography, interview, and archival) research in Chile on a) trade union protest and the effects of military rule on working-class culture, b) consumption in alternative (street and flea markets) and standard (shopping malls) retail formats and its relationship to the character of urban public life, c) middle class adults' decisions in the housing, school, and home decoration markets, and d) consumer behavior in shopping malls.  He has also examined transnational labor activism in North America.  A list of recent
publications follows:

Stillerman, Joel. “The Contested Spaces of Chile’s Middle Classes.” Political Power and Social Theory 21 (2010): 209-238.

Stillerman, Joel and Rodrigo Salcedo). “Es mucho más que comprar…Discursos y prácticas espaciales cotidianas en Malls de Santiago.” (“It’s much more than shopping…Discourses and spatial practices in Santiago malls.” Revista de Estudios Avanzados 13 (2010): 79-103.

“Latin American Studies and the Financial Crisis.” Latin American Studies Association Forum XL, 2 and 3 (Spring/Summer 2009): 11-12.

“Tradition, Adventure and Pleasure in Santiago, Chile’s Informal Markets.” Pp. 31-49 in Lived Experiences of Public Consumption: Encounters with Value in Marketplaces on Five Continents, edited by Daniel T. Cook (Houndmills, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008).

He is currently revising a book manuscript, entitled, *Conflict Zones: Space, Time and Protest among Chile’s Metalworkers, 1945-2005.  *Prior to coming to the department, Prof. Stillerman taught in the Latin American Studies Program and Sociology Department at the University of Arizona. While on leave in 2009-2010, he was chair of the Sociology Department of Diego Portales University (Universidad Diego Portales) in Santiago, Chile.
He teaches SOC 201 -- Introduction to Sociology, SOC 280 -- Social Problems, SOC 351 -- Urban Sociology, SOC 420 -- Sociology of Community, SOC 380 --Sociology of Consumption, and HNR 280 -- Causal Explanation in the Social Sciences.

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