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Xinyi Ou receives Point Foundation scholarship

Xinyi Ou receives Point Foundation scholarship

Posted on June 27, 2012 News & Information Services Grand Valley student Xinyi Ou is one of 29 students in th... more


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The Reverend Martin Luther King was a sociology major. Then again, so was former President and conservative icon Ronald Reagan. Sociology welcomes critical thinkers of all varieties and we are proud to say that our student body is one of the most diverse on campus. If you want to change the world, and you don’t think it is cliché to say so, sociology may very well be the major for you. By developing a “sociological imagination” you will be better able to actively engage the world around you and to do something constructive and useful in it. Sociology students learn about the dynamics of race, class, and gender and about the powerful institutions that we live in and work in everyday. Our graduates have found success in government and non-profit agencies, in large and small private business, and as university professors and researchers. Students choose the sociology major because they are genuinely interested in the concepts and ideas that we teach and because sociology helps them to understand their lives. The world is constantly changing. Why not learn to affect that change? 


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The sociology department is a community of critical scholars who analyze the context of social interaction and the construction of difference in society. Faculty utilize qualitative and quantitative methods to develop insight on a wide range of substantive areas.

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