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Marshall Battani
Professor and Department Chair
PhD, Sociology, University of California Davis
MFA, Photography, University of Arizona
Cultural sociology, Social Theory
Courses: Intro to Soc, Cultural Soc, Soc of Art, Soc of Media
Phone: 331-3730
Email: battanim@gvsu.edu

Cheryl Boudreaux
Assistant Professor
PhD, Sociology, Brandeis
Women's spirituality, feminist transformations of consciousness
Courses: Death and Dying, Families in Society, and Love, Sex, and Gender.
Phone 331-2164
Email: boudreac@gvsu.edu

Rachel Campbell
Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Alberta
ender, Professions, Organizations, Youth Culture, Parenting Practices
Courses: Social Problems, Quantitative Methods in Sociology
Phone: 616-331-8977
Email: campbera@gvsu.edu

Mary deYoung
PhD, Sociology, Western Michigan University
DA, Criminology, Western Colorado University, Grand Junction
MA, Social Science/Psychology, University of Chicago
Trauma, Madness, Moral Panics
Courses: Perspectives on Madness, Child Maltreatment

Phone: 331-3428
Email: deyoungm@gvsu.edu

Lisa Hickman
Associate Professor

PhD, Sociology, The Ohio State University
Child Care, Entry into Kindergarten, Child Health.

Courses: Social Problems, Families in Society, Soc of Childhood
Phone: 331-3137
Email: hickmanl@gvsu.edu

Devereaux Kennedy
PhD, Sociology, Binghamton University 
Social Control, Long-Range Global Social Chang
Courses: Social Deviance and Social Control, Social Psych- Sociology's View, Contemporary Social Theory
Phone: 331-3730
Email: kennedde@gvsu.edu

Hermann Kurthen
Sociology, Free University in West Berlin
Comparative and Global Studies, Immigration and Minority Relations, Transatlantic Relations, Linguistic Assimilation, Online Pedagogy
Courses: Intro to Soc, Quantitative Methods in Sociology
Phone: 331-8720

Email: kurthenh@gvsu.edu

George Lundskow
PhD, Sociology, University of Kansas.
Religion, Social Theory
Courses: Social Psych- Sociology's View, Sociology of Religion, Classic Social Theory

Phone: 331- 3704
Email: lundskog@gvsu.edu

Dennis Malaret
Associate Professor
PhD, Sociology, Western Michigan University.
Race and Ethnicity, Youth
Courses: Social Problems, Race and Ethnicity, Sociology of Drug Use and Abuse
Phone: 331-3113
E-mail: malaretd@gvsu.edu

Michael Ott
Associate Professor
PhD, Sociology, Western Michigan University
MDiv, Princeton Theological Seminary
Frankfurt School Critical Theory, Religion, Globalization
Courses: Social Problems, Sociology of Religion, Globalization: Structures and Movements, Classic Social Theory

Phone: 331-3799
Email: Ottmi@gvsu.edu

Brian Phillips
Associate Professor
PhD, Sociology, Binghamton University
Political Economy, U.S. Deindustrialization, Stratification, Sociology of Work.
Courses: Social Problems, Social Class Inequality, Criminology

Phone: 331-3727
Email: phillipb@gvsu.edu

Jeffrey Rothstein
Associate Professor
PhD, Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Sociology of Work, Labor, Globalization & Development
Courses: Intro to Soc, Social Problems, Sociology of Work and Employment
Phone: 331-3710
Email: rothstej@gvsu.edu

Jennifer Stewart
Associate Professor
PhD, Sociology, University of South Carolina
Race and Ethnicity
Courses: Social Problems, Sociology of Food, Race and Ethnicity
hone: 331-2168
Email: stewarje@gvsu.edu

Joel Stillerman

Associate Professor
PhD, Sociology, New School for Social Research
Urban Sociology, Consumer Culture, Latin America

Courses: Social Problems, Sociology of Community, Urban Sociology, Sociology of Consumption, Causal Explanation in the Social Sciences (Honors)

2166 Au Sable Hall
Phone: 331-3129
Email: stillejo@gvsu.edu

website:  https://sites.google.com/site/joelstillerman/home

Joseph Verschaeve
Affiliate Professor
MA, Clinical and Humanistic Psychology, Center for Humanistic Studies
Criminology, Deviance, Organizational Behavior
Courses: Intro to Soc, Social Problems, Families in Society

Phone: 331-3438
Email: verschaj@gvsu.edu

Laurel Westbrook
Assistant Professor
PhD, Sociology, University of California, Berkeley
Gender, Sexuality, Theory, Social Movements, Violence, Media.
Courses: Social Problems, Sociology of Gender, Sociology of Sexuality
Phone: (616) 331-3198
Email: westbrol@gvsu.edu

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/laurelwestbrook/

Elizabeth Wheatley
Associate Professor
PhD, Sociology, University of California, Santa Cruz
Sociology of health, Illness, Medicine, Ethnography
Courses: Social Problems, Sociology of Health Care
Phone: 331-3434
Email: wheatlee@gvsu.edu

Richard Yidana
Associate Professor - Joint Appointment in African and African-American Studies
PhD, Sociology, Binghamton University,
Social Movements; Anticolonial & National Liberation Movements (Africa & the African Diaspora); Development & Culture (Africa, Asia & Latin America), Ethno-Nationalism and Social Change (Developing World)
Courses: Intro to Soc, Sociology of Civil Rights

Phone: 331-3183
Email: yidanar@gvsu.edu

Yan Yu
PhD, Sociology, Florida State University
Family, Race/Ethnicity, Gender, Globalization, East Asian and Chinese American experience
Courses: Intro to Soc, Families in Society, Families in the Developing World

Phone: 331-3124
Email: yuy@gvsu.edu


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