Dennis Malaret

Dennis Malaret (Associate Professor) 
A native of Puerto Rico, Prof. Malaret has a strong interest in the future of underprivileged youths, particularly, Latino, African American, and Native American youths. He works closely with schools and social organizations throughout West Michigan, and serves as a mentor for Latino students in the Grand Rapids Public School system. Additionally, he has been the coordinator of the Sociology Internship program since 2002. He strongly believes that students should have as much community involvement and as much critical social issues literacy, which will later help them be more proficient in dealing with a culturally diverse U.S. of America. His specialty areas are race and ethnicity, drugs use and abuse, and indigenous theorizing. In collaboration with various colleagues, he is investigating the rapidly changing racial/ethnic demographics of West Michigan, particularly in Holland and Grand Rapids, Michigan. Additionally, on a number of occasions he has, and continues taking, a GVSU delegation of students to the Model Organization of American States (MOAS) in Washington, DC. At the MOAS the students assume the roles of diplomats and have the opportunity to research, develop, and debate resolutions dealing with important social problems and issues affecting nations and populations across the American Hemisphere.
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