Sociology Department

Alpha Kappa Delta

Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD) is the international honor society for the discipline of sociology.

From the AKD website….  Emory S. Bogardus founded the University of Southern California Department of Sociology in 1915, one of the earliest departments of sociology.  At the time, nationally, there were only about 100 colleges and universities offering sociology courses.  He created Alpha Kappa Delta in 1920 by gathering together a group of 14 faculty and graduate students for the purpose of discussing research methods and findings, and promoting scholarly writing.  The name, Alpha Kappa Delta, was chosen because the letters represent the first letters of the three classical Greek words that embody the function of the society.  They are: anthrôpos, meaning mankind; katamanthanô, meaning to examine closely or acquire knowledge, and; diakoneô meaning to do service. Four years later, in 1924, the United Chapters of Alpha Kappa Delta were formed.  The charter members included the University of Southern California, represented by Dr. Bogardus, Wisconsin, Northwestern, and the University of Kansas.

The peer-reviewed journal, Sociological Inquiry has been published by AKD since 1960.

The department has an active chapter supervised by Professor Lisa Hickman. 43 of our students were inducted into AKD in 2009.

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