"New" Minor Requirements (Beginning Fall 2010)

"New" Minor Requirements (Beginning Fall 2010)


Sociology Minor

Students minoring in sociology are required to complete 21 credit hours in the department. The 21 credit hours will include:


SOC 201 Introduction to Sociology

SOC 304 Quantitative Methods in Sociology

                  OR SOC 305 Qualitative Methods in Sociology

SOC 400 Classical Theory                 

                  OR SOC 401 Contemporary Theory


12 credits (four courses) at least one from each of the sociology elective areas (see below). No more than six (two courses) of these 12 credits may be at the 200 level.




SOC 250 Perspectives on Madness

SOC 251 Criminology

SOC 360 Social Psychology

SOC 387 Sociology of Childhood.

SOC 388 Middle Age and Aging

SOC 389 Child Maltreatment

SOC 392 Deviance and Social Control

SS    381 Death and Dying


Organizations, Institutions. Occupations,

SOC 255 Sociology of Work

SOC 323 Families in Society

SOC 356 Sociology of Health Care

SOC 377 Globalization

SOC 490 Internship

SS    351 Family, Gender, Development




SOC 280 Social Problems

SOC 333 Civil Rights Movement

SOC 351 Urban Sociology

SOC 382 Race and Ethnicity

SOC 381 Class, Race, Gender, Sexuality

SOC 384 Drug Use and Abuse

SOC 385 Social Class Inequality

SOC 420 Sociology of Community



SOC 288 Sociology of Food

SOC 345 Cultural Sociology

SOC 346 Sociology of Art

SOC 357 Sociology of Religion

SOC 366 Sociology of Media

SOC 375 Perspectives on Masculinity

SOC 379 Love, Sex, and Gender

SOC 383 Sociology of Women

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