This year represents the 20th annual Grand Valley Shakespeare competition. More than $13,000 in cash awards has been distributed to Grand Valley students over the years for their work in writing, science, music, history, dance arts, photography, and other areas.

The Shakespeare Festival’s Student Competition awards about $1,000 in prize money each year to students whose work is judged by a committee of all-campus jurors. Awards are $100 for first place, $75 for second place, and $50 for third place in each category


Features of the Competition

  • Submission deadlines
    • Submission date is October 21.
  • Undergraduate and Graduate category in critical writing
  • Performing and Visual Arts categories are back
  • The Awards Ceremony will be on November 2nd , preceding the Bard to Go: Puzzle the Will performance
  • Award recipients work will be showcased at the Awards Ceremony
  • First Place recipients will be recorded on a perpetual plaque.


Students from any discipline in the university may enter their work in the categories of critical writing; visual arts; and performing arts. Essays submitted for class projects, dance recital pieces, paintings, scientific models and demonstrations, musical performances, photographs – any work is acceptable as long as it has something to do with Shakespeare or the Renaissance period (1250-1680). In the past, student entries have included essays on the work of Tyco Brahe and Galileo, fictitious television interviews with Shakespeare, recitation of Elizabethan songs, dresses made in the Renaissance style, paintings inspired by a Shakespearean movie, ballet performance based on Shakespeare’s writings, essays on forms of Renaissance poetry, theatrical presentation of Elizabethan themes, and numerous other subjects.




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