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Service Tracker

Service Tracker is GVSU's online system for individuals (students, faculty, and staff) to record their community engagement, including service-learning activities. This tool allows for individuals to maintain a record of their service performed while affiliated (as a student or employed as a faculty or staff member) with GVSU.

Activities that may be recorded on the Service Tracker include: Direct Service, Philanthropy/Fundraising, Service-Learning, Internship, Advocacy/Education, and/or Public Professional Service.

To access Service Tracker and for further details, please visit the Community Service Learning Center's website

Linked to Banner- Link service activities to a class & add reflection (optional)
Faculty who  implement service learning pedagogy as a part of their  academic courses are encouraged to designate their course as an “academic service learning” course in Service Tracker. They should also direct students to utilize Service Tracker to record and keep track of their service activities each semester. This online system is directly linked to Banner and students are able to select which of the courses they are currently enrolled in that they are performing the service for.  There is an optional reflection component that allows students to link their in-class learning to a specific service learning activity or to post a reflection about their service in general. This is a helpful tool for faculty to review in real-time both the hours logged by their students and also their posted service reflections.

Linked to Orgsync- Link service activities to a student organization
Service Tracker is also linked to Orgsync (GVSU’s student organization management system) so students can designate those service activities that they have participated in as a member of a registered student organization.  Other features of Service Tracker allow students to link their activities to a number of other university affiliations (departments, programs, etc.).

Link to other Departments & Programs
Service Tracker also has the ability to link to campus departments and programs that offer co-curricular and extra-curricular service and service learning opportunities (e.g. Community Service Learning Center, Housing, Office of Multicultural Affairs Cohort and Ambassador programs, Women's Center Ambassador and Women’s Issue Volunteer Corps programs, etc.). If your office or department has a program that includes community service or service learning please contact the Community Service Learning Center to have it added to the Service Tracker database.

Important University Tool
Service Tracker allows the University to accurately track, assess and report on the community engagement that members of the GVSU community are involved in, both individually and as part of collective group initiatives. This data is used to report on behalf of the entire University for the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll,  the Campus Compact Member Institution Annual Survey and other national surveys, awards, and classifications. We rely on all of our faculty, staff and students to utilize this system in order to collect data and share information about the great community engagement and service work that is being done at Grand Valley State University and the impact it has in our community.

Page last modified February 9, 2015