Service Learning Network

GVSU's Commitment to Service Learning

 Why is service and service-learning important at GVSU?

As a university value and strategic priority, service-learning is a vehicle to aid students in connecting community service activities with classroom learning in a variety of way.  Service-learning is one of the high impact practices that help student get the most out of their college education, as defined by the American Association of Colleges and Universities (www.aacu.org). 

Service and community are integral to GVSU as an institution of higher education and are evident in the university's strategic plan (including mission, vision, values), as well a themes within the Laker ValuesService-learning in general, and academic service learning in particular, supports key institutional values identified in GVSU's strategic plan.

From Grand Valley State University's Strategic Plan 2010-15:

Mission: “Grand Valley State University educates students to shape their lives, their professions, and their societies. The university contributes to the enrichment of society through excellent teaching, active scholarship, and public service.”

Vision:  ...positive community impact

"The Strategic Plan is built around seven values that define Grand Valley: effective teaching, liberal education, scholarship, service, inclusiveness, community and sustainability. Those values provide the foundation for the university's mission to educate students to shape their lives, their professions and their societies."

Grand Valley State University values the collaboration of faculty, staff, and students with external partners in addressing mutual interests and regional needs. The university offers the communities it serves resources and inspiration in their own lifelong pursuit of knowledge. Faculty and staff are encouraged to contribute their expertise and service to the university, their disciplines’ professional organizations, and working in partnership with the community. Students are encouraged to be active citizens, to become active service providers, and to take part in various service learning and volunteer opportunities in the community and abroad.

Grand Valley State University values its connections to, participation with, and responsibility for local communities, the West Michigan region, the state, the nation, and the world. The university embraces the participation of diverse individuals, groups, and organizations from every corner of the globe and both encourages and supports the participation of its students, faculty, and staff in educational opportunities abroad. To foster and expand these community connections, the institution and its members promote, value, and honor diverse perspectives. We seek to act with integrity, communicate openly and honestly, and accept responsibility for our words and actions."

Page last modified March 13, 2014