Service Learning Network

Welcome to the Service Learning Network!
This web network has been created by staff members of GVSU's Community Service Learning Center (CSLC) for the purpose of promoting connections among students, faculty, and community members through integrated academic coursework and service in the community.  These efforts support the GVSU mission by educating students, through service, to shape their lives, their professions, and their societies.

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What is academic service learning?
Academic service learning is a specific pedagogy that integrates academic coursework with service which meets a community-identified need. The partnerships between the community, students, and faculty are mutual, which means that all partners benefit and share responsibility. This process of experiential learning and community-building includes academic coursework, guided service, and facilitated reflection that deepen the experience for all partners.  Please see our quick reference guide to service learning for a brief introduction to service learning.

As a new online resource for faculty, we welcome your comments and suggestions.  To provide feedback and suggestions for this website, please contact jonesval@gvsu.edu.

Page last modified March 27, 2012