Request a Presentation, Training, or Consultation


Faculty, student organizations, campus departments and other groups may request a presentation about the CSLC or a service related topic.  Presentations are conducted by the CSLC Consultants, CSLC Interns, and our full-time staff based on the needs of the requesting group. Most presentations typically require15-20 minutes or 45-50 minutes. 

Examples of presentations include:

  • Introduction the the CSLC
  • Introduction to the CSLC and Laker Leadership Programs
  • Service Tracker- How To's
  • Introduction to Service Learning / Service Learning 101
  • College Students & Civic Engagement
  • Meaningful Service & Philanthropy
  • Maximizing Your Service Experience after GVSU

Workshops and Trainings

The CSLC  welcomes the opportunity to conduct workshops and trainings to further meet the needs and learning objectives of your group.  Note that this may require additional time to conduct (50 minutes minimum) and that associated costs for materials may be the responsibility of the requesting group. 

Examples of workshops and trainings include:


The CSLC also welcomes the opportunity to meet one-on-one with you or members of group to assist in the design, development and implementation of service activities and more. 

Request a Presentation, Training, or Consultation

Click HERE to complete a short survey designed to gather the information needed to coordinate a successful presentation with the Community Service Learning Center.

Please provide a minimum of 2 weeks advance notice for your request for presentations and trainings. 

Page last modified September 5, 2014