On-Going Volunteer Opportunities, Expired

Spectrum Health Hospice - Winter Volunteer Training
Would you like to read to a patient who can no longer see the pages? Play cards with someone who is lonely? Watch a football game with a patient while their spouse goes out to get groceries? Sing with or play a favorite hymn for a patient that can no longer attend church services? Review a photo album with someone who wants to remember a favorite trip or document a life story for someone who wants to leave their stories behind for their loved ones? Spectrum Health Hospice is looking for volunteers that are interested in supporting our patients through the compassionate donation of time and care. We provide the training that you need to make a significant difference for someone in your community. You will gain so much more than you are giving. Most volunteers donate 1 hour per week after training has been completed. Other scheduling options available. We require a one year commitment. SHH is currently registering participants for their Winter Volunteer Training class. Deadline to register is January 21. This is a 15 hour training class split into 3 hour sessions over five weeks - scheduled 1/25, 2/1, 2/8, 2/15 and 2/22 from 6:00p – 9:00p; however times and locations vary to accommodate peoples' schedules as much as possible.  If the winter training doesn't work for you but you'd still like to become involved with SHH, please notify them and they will keep you posted of other upcoming volunteer training opportunities.  Particularly looking for Health Care students, Music (vocal and/or instrumental) students, Social Work students, English students, and individuals interested in seniors, veterans and community well being. Contact Yvonne Elliott at (616) 3915708 or yvonne.elliott@spectrumhealth.org for more details. Posted 12/17/2015

Literacy Center of West Michigan - Family Activity Night "Help Bring Literacy Home"

4 Separate Events: Monday - November 16, Tuesday - November 17, Thursday - November 19, Tuesday - December 8, Monday - December 14, Thursday - December 17, all events from 5:45PM - 8PM

The Family Literacy Program provides FREE English as a Second or Other Language (ESOL) classes to parents whose children attend participating Grand Rapids and Godwin Heights Public Schools. On top of regular classes, we have monthly Family Activity Nights that target specific literacy skills parents need to raise strong, successful readers. Studies have shown that families who read together can help children boost their vocabulary and school performance. Family Activity Night is all about literacy, but it's also about community--we eat together, learn together, and have fun doing it! Volunteers can expect to be involved in all aspects of Family Activity Night, set up, tear down, distribution of materials, interacting with families, and the food and fun! For more information, please contact Claira Freeman at cfreeman@literacycenterwm.org or 616-459-5151. Posted 10/8/2015 

Health Net of West Michigan - FitKids360 En Español

FitKids360 is a 7 week Stage II obesity intervention program for children ages 5-17 with a BMI at or above the 85th percentile. The program meets one night a week for 2 hours. Each week families learn about nutrition, exercise and behavioral health; physical activity is incorporated into each session.  Volunteer duties include welcoming and engaging families, support families throughout the program, motivate families to reach their goals, encourage healthy behaviors and help prepare for class. The program is  taught in Spanish and   will be held on Thursdays from 5:30-8pm beginning October 1st and ending on November 19th. If you are interested and need more information please contact Giuliana Fuentes before October 1st by phone at (616)-421-4822 or email gfuentes@healthnetwm.org. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities in English please contact Keyuana Rosemond by phone at 616-742-8907 or email krosemond@healthnetwm.org.

Grand Rapids Symphony - Grand Rapids Symphony Concerts

Volunteers will have the chance to help with a number of duties including greeting patrons, recruit students to sign up for the Passport Program, assist with renewing season ticket holders, hand out programs, assist with crafts and activities at Education concerts and much more!  Main season concerts that take place between September - December 31, 2015.  Students will receive orientation training if needed.  For more information, please contact Nancy Hopkins at 616-454-9451 or nhopkins@grsymphony.orgPosted 9/18/2015

ESL classes for Adult Refugees
ESL classes are held at GRIF (Grand Rapids International Fellowship Church) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings from 9am-1:30pm for newly arrived adult refugees to help them learn English, to expose them to American culture, and to help them become employed. The volunteers will help ESL teachers in a classroom or assist students in a computer lab. For more information on this opportunity, contact Sharon Muldoon at (616) 965-8059 or smuldoon@bethany.orgUpdated 4/14/14
For similar opportunities , see Immigrant & Refugee Services.

Hope Academy of West Michigan - Mentor/Tutoring
Hope Academy of West Michigan is looking for volunteer to serve as mentors/tutors at our school. Volunteers commit to meet for one hour each week with their mentee on math/reading, and socializing for a duration of one academic school year or semester. The responsibility of the mentor is to serve as a trusted friend that a student is able to trust and share with. The mentor works with the student on academic work for part of the time they are together and choose how they would like to spend the remainder of the hour. Examples of free time activities: play a game, read a special book, talk about their week. For more information contact Shella Aneus at (616) 940-9763 or at saneus@hopeacademywm.org. Posted 10/1/14

One Wyoming 1 on 1 MentoringOne Wyoming 1 on 1 Mentoring
One Wyoming 1 on 1 is a mentoring initiative in the 4 public school districts of Wyoming (Wyoming, Kelloggsville, Godwin Heights, Godfrey-Lee). Their goal is to have ten percent of the K-12 student population matched up with a mentor, which would be a total of 1,100 mentors. Mentors are asked to commit to 1 hour a week for 1 school year. Mentors meet with a student at school (generally) and during the school day. It is not specifically a tutoring program, although tutoring can be a part of it. They are looking for people who want to build a one-on-one relationship with a student and be a positive influence in that child's life. For more information, contact Laura Kuperus at 616-334-1967 or info@onewyoming1on1.orgPosted 8/26/14

Grand Rapids Learning Foundation - High School Tutoring
The Grand Rapids Learning Foundation is searching for motivated volunteers to engage in after-school tutoring for students at Ottawa Hills High School throughout the 2014-2015 school year. Volunteer Educators will commit to at least one hour of weekly, one-on-one tutoring with a high school student at Ottawa Hills. Volunteers will travel to the school, work with the student on primarily Math and English skills, and keep a log of their hours. Volunteers will be reimbursed for their travel and will be given training, supplies, resources, and support throughout. Sessions will last from 3 PM to 4:15 PM. For more information, contact Katie Kirouac at 616-490-5051 or KatieKirouac@GRLearningFoundation.orgPosted 8/26/14

New City Kids - Tutors and Drummers Needed
New City Kids, a program originally located in New Jersey, has been so successful that it is bringing the program to West Michigan! Through its holistic approach of fusing music with academic, leadership and spiritual development New City Kids engages young people of all ages to create a strong, loving community and a culture of college readiness. Volunteer duties include tutoring high school students one night a week (twice a month commitment), daily tutoring, and any of the following specific skill sets:music, drums, dance, ACT/SAT prep, academic support, bilingual and/or artistic. For more information, contact Margarita Chappell at 269-352-6631 or margarita@newcitykids.orgPosted 8/19/14

School-To-Career Progressions - Workshops
Resiliency Workshops take place Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday every week. School-To-Career is seeking interns and volunteers to work directly with students. Volunteers and interns would mentor, monitor and become a success coach to the students. For more information, contact Josiah Majetich at 616-301-3552 or offices2cp@gmail.comPosted 7/30/14

Grand Rapids Learning Foundation - Fall Education Sessions
The Grand Rapids Learning Foundation (GRLF) is piloting a tutoring program at Ottawa Hills High School, in which college students will be paired with students to engage them in after-school, personalized education sessions. The volunteers(GRLF Educators) would lead tutoring sessions (GRLF Education sessions) for 10th grade students (GRLF Scholars) at Ottawa Hills High School. Our GRLF Scholars are students in financial need with a desire to succeed academically and beyond. Once a week, students will meet with their GRLF Educators after school to enhance their math and English skills through personalized learning opportunities based on their individualized education plans. This opportunity requires a once weekly commitment lasting at least 1 (one) semester. GRLF Educators will:

  • Meet with students from Ottawa Hills High School at least once per week for an hour or so of after-school tutoring, at approximately 3pm
  • Evaluate student progress and develop learning goals
  • Potentially work alongside GRLF staff to host community events, including ACT awareness programs, from time to time
  • Potentially participate in experiential learning programs and field trips (engaging culture, the arts, colleges, and career exploration) from time to time.

For more information, contact Katie Kirouac at 616-490-5051 or katiekirouac@grlearningfoundation.orgPosted 7/21/14

United in Christ Ministries - Academic Mentoring Program
United in Christ Ministries is in need of tutors to participate in their inner-city Academic Mentoring program. Tutors meet at 6:15 at the community center to pray and discuss any important announcements concerning the neighborhood and the tutoring program. Tutoring itself begins at 6:30 pm and lasts until 8:30 pm. This is a great opportunity to positively influence a child's life. We have lots of kids who are involved in our programs that need help with school and not enough volunteers to meet that need.Volunteers will be both mentors and tutors. Duties include helping your assigned child with homework, helping your child improve in their math and reading skills, picking up and taking home your assigned child, and keeping a positive relationship with the child and the child's family. For more information, contact Allen Pontarelli at 616-443-6442 or allen@unitedinchristgr.comPosted 6/3/14

West Michigan Refugee Education and Cultural Center - After School Tutoring
Volunteers are needed to help Students in completing their homework assignments and teaching them independent study skills, equipping them with skills necessary to complete the work on their own. The program is open Monday through Thursday, 4pm- 6pm. Volunteers are also need for once students have finished their homework to help them participate in a 15-30 minute reading session. This program runs concurrently with the homework tutoring program. West Michigan Refugee Education and Cultural Center tutors are responsible for tutoring students attending the after school program at least once a week. Tutors report progress and/or issues to the After School Program Coordinator, or the Program Coordinator. For more information, contact Shingi Mavima at 616-247-9611 or shingi@westmirefugee.orgPosted 4/14/14

M! Power - Mentoring/Tutoring Program
We're looking for GVSU students who may want to become teachers to serve as a mentor/tutor for students in either middle school or high school students who attend public schools in the Grand Rapids and surrounding area. Some of the students you will be working with will be the first in their family to attend college. Your personal experiences can be used to help younger students understand the importance of study skills, getting good grades, participating in extracurricular activities, and setting goals to get into college. There are two options: 1) You can work with students in an after school tutoring program in the schools for about 2 hours a week for this winter semester (minimum of 10 weeks), and provide tutoring for the students in academics or 2) You can help students with college preparation, exploring new areas of interest, and participating in other activities that will allow you to connect with the students and make a difference in their lives by volunteering at a summer camp for a week. If you are interested please contact Tanya McDonald at mcdonalt@gvsu.edu or (616) 331-7110. Posted 1/21/2014
For similar opportunities, see Youth & Children Services.

Cook Library Scholars - Tutors Needed
The Cook Library is looking for general homework assistance for 1st through 8th graders. Most of the students are bilingual, so it would greatly benefit not only the student but also give the tutor a chance to practice Spanish with the children. Tutoring would take place starting September 15th, and will continue Mondays-Thursdays from 4:00pm-6:00pm for the school year! For more information contact Javier Cervantes at clsmanager@gaah.org or at (616) 475-1155. Posted 09/05/2014

Homework House - Homework Tutoring 
Homework House provides after school tutoring for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Their focus is on developing students' literacy skills, building self-confidence, and partnering with volunteers from the community to empower our students. Volunteer tutors do a variety of activities with their students: reading together, writing activities, homework assistance, playing games and more. Volunteers provide the one-to-one interaction that students need and desire to thrive in their academic environment. Homework House runs for two hours Monday-Thursday at three local public schools: Cesar Chavez, Godfrey Lee ECC, and Godfrey Lee Elementary. Times fall between 3:15-5:30 depending on the school. If interested contact Katie at Kathryn.Vanderwal@ucomgr.org or visit www.ucomgr.org for more information.. Posted 8/28/14

Schools of Hope Volunteering - The Salvation Army*
Our volunteers are asked to be a part of our 100 Book Challenge. This usually begins around 4:30pm (Monday-Thursday) and ends around 5:15pm and is a period of independent reading time in which students read from books preselected to fit their just right level. Volunteers need only listen and encourage students while they are reading. Students should have books ready when volunteers arrive and they should all be the same color. Volunteers may also read books that are 1 level above the students individual level, but will probably need to assist a bit more with these books. Volunteers may also work with students on their skills cards which are kept in their folders. After books are read, volunteers can ask the students questions to see how well they comprehend the story. Many of our students can decode words very well, but struggle with comprehension, so this is important. Finally, volunteers will help students fill out their reading log at the end of each session. Students may record 1 book for every 15 minutes they read (even if they have read several, have them pick their favorite). Qualifications/Training: 18 years old or older. Volunteers must complete a background check and receive Safe from Harm training (this is a brief online training course that prepares volunteers to work with children. It takes approximately 30-40 minutes to complete). For more information, contact Heidi Roberts at 616-459-3433 or at kentcounty_volunteers@usc.salvationarmy.orgUpdated 4/8/14
For similar opportunities, see Literacy.

Schools of Hope In-School Program
Help steer an elementary student towards academic success! You can support a GRPS student by becoming a Volunteer Reading Tutor. The Schools of Hope In-School Reading Program pairs students in grades 1-3 that are behind in reading skills with volunteers who work one-on-one with the same student once a week for 30 minutes during the school day. No advanced preparation is needed. Materials to use with the students are prepared for you by a Schools of Hope School Coordinator. Share time with another volunteer. Two people may share their volunteer role with a student to reduce the weekly time commitment. Volunteers are required to attend one 2 hour training session. To register for training, see a list participating school locations and more information go to www.hwmuw.org/sohUpdated 10/21/2014
For similar opportunities, see Literacy.

GED Tutoring - Heartside Ministry
Heartside Ministry is looking for volunteers who want to tutor those wishing to finish high school or just improve their reading, writing, and/or math skills. For more information on this opportunity, contact Helen Van Essendelft at (616) 235-7211 or volunteer@heartside.org. Updated 5/29/14

West Michigan Refugee Education and Cultural Center
Project Faulu is a comprehensive educational support service with after school attributes that provides comprehensive educational support services to refugee children in grades K-12 in West Michigan. Students are assisted in completing their homework assignments and taught independent study skills, equipping them with the necessary skills to complete the work on their own. The program is open Monday through Thursday starting 4pm- 6pm. For more information on this opportunity contact Shingi Mavima at 616-617-1178 or shingi@westmirefugee.orgUpdated 4/8/14
For similar opportunities, see Immigrant & Refugee Services.

Math Tutor - The Salvation Army*
The Salvation Army's After School Program is seeking a volunteer tutor for a student needing help with 5th grade math, specializing in decimals, percentages, and graphs. Position starts as soon as possible and runs through the end of the school year, one day per week. The tutoring occurs weekly on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays from 4:00pm to 4:45pm at The Salvation Army Fulton Heights Corps Community Center. The volunteer must be 18 years or older with knowledge of 5th grade math. Must pass a background check and take safe from harm training. You can sign up here: http://bit.ly/fhcmath For more information, contact Kent County Volunteer Services at 616-459-3433 x1184 or KentCounty_Volunteers@usc.salvationarmy.org Updated 4/8/14

Creative Youth Center - Thrive Tutoring Program
Tutoring program Tuesdays and Thursdays for students in middle school and high school. Volunteers need to be able to commit to tutoring an hour and a half one day a week for a semester. For more information about this opportunity contact Katie Caralis at 616-458-5505 or katie.caralis@creativeyouthcenter.orgUpdated 4/10/14

Schools of Hope After - School Tutoring
Children who do not read will not succeed!
Schools of Hope After School is a literacy program for students who are a year or more behind in their literacy skills. The program uses a variety of strategies to address the difficulties the students have: whole group lessons, small group activities, and one-to-one conferencing. Their hope is to provide this instruction through mostly small group dynamics, to provide students with the individual focus that they need to excel. However, they need volunteers in order to make that happen! Schools of hope will be running at Southwest Community Campus again this year Mondays-Thursdays from 4:00-6:00 pm. For more information or to sign up for a training session contact Katie Vanderwal at 616-241-4006 x 34 or kathryn.vanderwal@ucomgr.orgUpdated 4/14/14
For similar opportunities, see Children & Youth Education.

Allendale Middle School ~ Tutoring/Mentoring Middle Schoolers
Allendale Middle School is looking for tutors/mentors to help one on one and small groups with students for all subjects. Volunteer would come once a week for any time that is available in their schedule to tutor/mentor an at-risk student. Each day there are times available between 1 and 4:15 or 4:15 and 8. Volunteers do not have to stay the whole time, but are required to commit at least one hour per week. For more information, contact Rhonda Wilson at 616-892-5595 or rhondawilson96@gmail.comUpdated 12/1/2014

For similar opportunities, see Children & Youth Education.

Westwood Middle School - Reading/Mentoring help
Westwood is looking for students to come volunteer their time to read and or work with 6th grade students who need the additional support. Volunteers will spend time reading, mentoring, and working with students on assignments. They are willing to work around your schedule and there is no set day or time. For more information, contact Shatawn Brigham at 616-819-4068 or brighams@grps.orgposted 2/4/14
For similar opportunities, see Literacy, Children & Youth Education.

Sibley Elementary School
Sibley Elementary School is a state-of-the-art preschool through fifth grade building accommodating approximately 500 students. Sibley is a language center which provides services for English Language Learners (ELL), special education and the general education populations. Sibley is in need of volunteer tutors from 3:30-5:00pm for after school assistance to students in need. Help change a student's life by supporting them in their schooling! For more information about this opportunity contact Katelyn Kovalik at 616-459-6281 or sibleyvc@gmail.comPosted 1/8/2014.
For similar opportunities, see Children & Youth Education.

Allendale Public Schools Oakwood Homework Center
Oakwood Homework Center is a service offered to students at Oakwood Intermediate School, during their lunch time, to complete homework or school work that they did not complete. This is a great resource for students that may have have the support at home to complete their work. The volunteers job is to oversee the homework center, help students, if needed, with homework, and keep count of students that attend homework center. Oakwood asks that you to volunteer one day at week. The homework center is open Monday - Friday. We have the time broken into two time frames (11:30 - 12:00 and 12:20 - 12:50) - feel free to do both or only one. This is a project that you may do with a buddy. For more information, contact Deborah DeLooff at 616-892-5587 or delooffdeb@allendale.k12.mi.usUpdated 4/17/2014
For similar opportunities, see Children & Youth Education

Hudsonville High School - Tutoring
For several years Hudsonville High School has worked with Grand Valley State University students to provide their high school students with free tutoring. Hudsonville High School has MANY openings for tutoring this fall semester. Their needs are from 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. You can tutor as little as one day a week and an hour at a time. They are looking specifically for tutors from the College of Education or those continuing on to graduate school, but anyone is welcome to volunteer, provided you pass a brief background check. Hudsonville High School currently needs tutors in all subject areas. Highest demands are in Math, Science, Spanish, German, English, and Social sciences. You are most likely to tutor every subject as the students needs usually cross over many subject areas. For more information, contact Ann MacDhubhain at 616-669-1500 or amacdhub@hpseagles.netUpdated 4/14/14
For similar opportunities, see Children & Youth Education.


Pathways, MI - Total Trek Quest Coach
The Total Trek Quest program is seeking volunteers to lead groups of 6-15 boys in youth development curriculum activities and teach them to run a 5K race. Coaching for TTQ is an amazing experience, especially for those going into the fields of Social Work, Psychology, Youth Development, Education, and Exercise Science. Fall season begins the week of September 22 and concludes with the 5K run on November 22. Coaches are required to attend 4 hours of training and we offer free CPR and first aid certification. Practices are twice/week after the elementary school day for 90 minutes. All are welcome to apply. For more information, contact Tiffany VanVelzen at 616-396-2301 or tvanvelzen@pathwaysmi.orgPosted 7/30/14

3 Mile Project
The 3 Mile Project is a community youth center which exists for the purpose of providing young people with a safe and loving place where they can be encouraged in their physical, emotional, and spiritual development and where they can invest time and build community. We are open on Thursday evenings for high school students from 6pm - 9pm; Friday evenings for 7th & 8th grade students from 7pm - 10 pm; and Saturday evenings for 5th & 6th grade students from 6pm - 9pm. Volunteers can fill a number of roles, both task-oriented and relational-oriented. Volunteers serve to be a visible presence in an effort to maintain a safe environment, but are also encouraged to engage with students in the variety of activities available at the facility, which include basketball, volleyball, skateboarding, reball, video games, and others. Volunteers are highly encouraged to build relationships with visitors and earn the right to invest in their lives by providing a positive and loving example. Individuals and groups up to 12+ students are encouraged to volunteer! For more information, contact Stan Kiste at 616-784-8433 or stan@3mp.orgUpdated 4/8/14

Kid's Club Volunteers - The Salvation Army*
Kids Club is described as a traditional Sunday School meets Saturday morning TV! Made up of many small program segments, each lasting no more than two or three minutes, its totally relevant to a high-speed generation, while still presenting the clear, uncompromising teaching of Jesus. Our time is filled with a weekly Introduction & Praise, Games, and Teaching (fun, inter-active object lessons). It is our goal to create an atmosphere that is loving and welcoming; an environment that is secure and disciplined; and true sense of excitement and anticipation with the kids. Click here for more information about the different ways to volunteer. Posted 09/10/13

Boys & Girls Club of Grand Rapids
The Steil, Seidman, and Paul I. Phillip Boys & Girls Clubs are always seeking positive individuals who share a passion for youth and will initiate activities with children in a Club-house environment for a minimum of 2 hours per week, Monday thru Friday 3-7pm. As a general program volunteer, you would be able to assist with the daily functioning and maintenance of the games room, art room, and Learning Centers for a minimum of 2 hours per week. This would include assisting with games tournaments, art lessons, tutoring, demonstrating good character, and assisting Staff. This would be a great opportunity for an aspiring teacher or childcare-worker to gain experience in program administration and classroom management! For more information, contact Ashten Wilkey at 616-233-9370 or awilkey@bgcgrandrapids.orgPosted 9/4/13

Mentoring AmeriCorps Member - Bethany's Youth Services*
AmeriCorps positions are available that will recruit, screen, train, and support mentors to provide career exposure opportunities and/or encourage youth to consider, plan for, and prepare for postsecondary education. AmeriCorps member will commit to 1700 hours (approximately 35-40 hours per week) over a year of service. Successful candidates will be passionate about creating equitable opportunities, career exposure, and addressing barriers for all youth to attend college, be willing to make a one-year commitment and have experience/or interest working with volunteers and youth. For more information, contact Justin Beene at 616-254-7712 or JBeene@bethany.orgPosted on 8/27/2013

Heights of Hope Mentoring
Volunteers are needed to help mentor youth in Holland. They will meet weekly with youth in a mentoring position. the mentors will do activities with their youth, meet with them weekly, and build a relationship with their assigned youth for at least a calendar year. For more information on the opportunity, contact Becky Lawrence at 616-366-6947 or heightsofhopementoring@gmail.comPosted 02/18/13

Proof Mentoring Organization
PROOF Mentoring Organization is seeking caring, supportive individuals willing to serve as a mentor to a student in 5th through 8th grade. Students are encouraged to set goals and strengthen faith within themselves. The mentor will meet with their student 45-60 minutes per week (during the school day) throughout the school year. Currently schools that are partnered with PROOF are Byron Center Public Schools -Nickels Intermediate and WEST Middle, Lowell Middle School, and soon Hudsonville Riley Middle School and Baldwin Middle School in Georgetown. For more information on this opportunity, contact Trish Verbrugge at (616) 355-4424 or trish@proofmentoring.orgUpdated 5/29/14

Bethany Christian Services - Mentor Program* 
Mentors are needed to be a consistent guide & a support system in different themed youth programs: Domestic Foster Care, Youth in Transition, and Refugee Foster Care. Mentors are asked to make a one-year commitment to spend a few hours a month with a child or youth. For more information on this opportunity, contact the Mentor Coordinator at (616) 224-7523 or rfitzsimmons@bethany.org. Updated 5 /29/14
For similar opportunities, see Immigrant & Refugee Services.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring Program
Community Based Amachi Program

Are you in the Grand Rapids area this summer and looking for a fantastic opportunity? Please consider being a mentor to a child with an incarcerated parent. The Big Brothers Big Sisters Amachi Program will provide you with an opportunity to gain experience working with a child and also give you a new friend! The commitment is 1-3 hours per week, doing child-friendly activities. Some activity ideas could include going to the zoo, baking cookies, picking up books at the library or playing sports. It's really unlimited! If you had the chance to change a child's life, would you? Here's your chance! For more information on this opportunity, contact Lisa Puente at (616) 774-4310 or lpuente@dablodgett.orgPosted 09/19/12

Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring Program
School Based Program- various Elementary Schools and Middle School in Kent County 
As a school-based mentor, you would be visiting a child at their school once a week (for about 30 minutes to an hour) to be a friend and perhaps help them with academics, projects, or just chatting. We have a variety of schools that we work with in the Grand Rapids area. This is a perfect mentoring opportunity for a college student's schedule because weekly commitments begin mid to late Fall and end late April or early May. Commitments can also begin in January and run through late April or early May, if 2nd semester would be a better fit. Most of our schools accommodate college students that may need an internship placement or may need a certain number of hours for a class they are taking. Becoming a mentor can offer a child support, can improve their self-esteem and confidence, can improve their academic performance, and can reduce the likelihood of them being involved in risky behaviors. If you would like to make a positive difference in a child's life or have any questions about our program, please call our office at (616) 284-5864 or contact Lisa Puente at (616) 774-4310 or lpuente@dabsj.orgUpdated 11/24/14
For similar opportunities, see Schools.

Girl Scout Troop Leaders - Assistant Leaders
Girl Scout Troop Leaders and Assistant Leaders are needed throughout Ottawa and Kent County either for after school, late afternoon, or early evenings - leaders select their choice of meeting day/time and frequency. Leaders will guide elementary or middle school girls in a national Girl Scout leadership program ranging from six weeks up to several months. Leaders will also manage troop monies; coordinate product sales; help girls earn badges and awards. Can have two volunteers or more partner up to deliver the program. Online training provided and in person training available for various dates. Go to http://www.gsmists.org/Volunteer/volunteer-application to download application. Financial assistance available for $12 yearly membership. For more information on this opportunity, contact Kimberly Dukes at (866) 566-7434 or kdukes@gsmists.org. Updated 4/9/14.

Kentwood Police Department - Road Volunteers
Minimum commitment 3 hours a week (12:00pm - 4:00pm) based on your availability. Volunteers patrol the city and enforce handicap, fire lane and other parking laws, conduct vacation house checks and report code violations. Volunteers must be at least 21 years of age. Training (provided) and background check required. For more information on this opportunity, contact Leslie Montgomery at (616) 656-6571 or montgomeryl@ci.kentwood.mi.usPosted 07/31/12
For similar opportunities, see Public & Legal Services.

Kentwood Police Department - Road Volunteers
Trail volunteers act as friends on the trail reporting issues such as maintenance problems, graffiti and more. Volunteer hours between 6:00 AM and 9:00 PM. Training (provided) and background check required. For more information on this opportunity, contact Leslie Montgomery at (616) 656-6571 or montgomeryl@ci.kentwood.mi.usPosted 07/31/12
For similar opportunities, see Public & Legal Services.

Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids - Excel Data Entry
Good will is in need of volunteers to maintain and update excel spreadsheet with participant information. Volunteers must have at least basic understanding of Excel software. For more information, contact Karissa Kresge at 616-451-8800 or volunteer@goodwillgr.orgPosted 2/13/14

Boy Scouts of America - President Ford Council
A unique experience for business, nonprofit and other interested students to gain valuable fundraising experience in cooperation with the local Boy Scout Council. Volunteers will work as an individual or in teams developing a brand new fundraising strategy for the Allendale/Coopersville community. Set your own schedule and your own goals. For more information on this opportunity, contact Vanessa Echeverria at 616-350-6737 or vanessa.echeverria@scouting.orgPosted 4/29/2014.

4-H Tech Wizards Mentoring Program
Volunteers will be asked to facilitate a small group of 2-4 youth, guiding them through various STEM related projects. Our program is geared towards youth who may be interested in exploring science hands-on. The program instructor will provide curriculum and project ideas with which the groups can choose. Ongoing youth mentoring program meets for two hours once a week during school year at Holland, Muskegon, Ottawa area schools, working with middle school students. The program owns technology like LEGO Mindstorm Robotics, Estes Rockets, USB Microscopes, iPads, laptops and filmmaking equipment to enhance learning. For more information on this opportunity in Muskegon County, contact Barb Brow at (616) 994-4580 or browb@anr.msu.edu. For more information on this opportunity in Ottawa County, contact Susan Fenton at (616) 994-4580 or fentons@msu.edu. Updated 4/11/14.
For similar opportunities, see Children & Youth Education.

West Godwin Elementary Tutoring
Volunteers are needed to help fill a great need for tutors of children in grades K-12. These students would benefit from small group and one on one assisting in the area of mathematics and reading. West Godwin Elementary will have a daily schedule and specific plans for anyone interested in tutoring. The school also has a large Spanish speaking population, so bilingual English/Spanish would be beneficial but not necessary. For more information on this opportunity, contact Steve Minard at (616) 252-2030 or minard@godwinschools.orgUpdated 4/10/14
For similar opportunities, see Children & Youth Education

GED Tutoring - Steepletown Neighborhood Services
Steepletown Neighborhood Services' Hoy Program is seeking volunteers! The HOY Program provides assistance to students seeking their General Education Diploma (GED). Volunteers would assist students age 18 - 21, at the Steepletown Center. The primary emphasis is on reading and writing. In addition, GED tutors often assist these youth with online job search and development of professional resumes and cover letters. Each tutor is requested to tutor at least one day per week for at least 3 months to build trust and report with their student. Each volunteer will need to fill out a background check form provided by Steepletown. For more information on this opportunity, contact Melanie Straub at (616) 451-4215 ext 110 or melanie@steepletown.orgUpdated 5/29/14

Knitting with Residents! - Clark Retirement Community 
Clark Retirement Community is looking for a volunteer to lead and assist a small group of ladies with knitting. This person will need to demonstrate an ability to teach and help our residents with basic knitting and with simple knitting projects. Many of the residents interested in a knitting group have experience in knitting, but may need a refresher. A staff member will be present for the entirety of the activity. For more information, contact Geraldine Pringle at the Clark Volunteer Services Coordinator phone number, 616-452-1568x 140. Posted 2/28/13
For similar opportunities, see Senior Services.

Holland Museum

The Holland Museum is looking for energetic volunteers to become Docents for the museum and our historic houses, the Cappon House and Settlers House. Anyone can become a museum volunteer! Our volunteers share their time, talents, and knowledge with others to improve the quality of community life. You can help make history and contribute greatly to your community. Volunteers are needed to give tours and to help out at special events and educational programs. Docents greet visitors and give tours of the galleries and house museums. According to their level of training, they may merely orient visitors or give in-depth tours. Education Docents give tours to school children and adults on a variety of topics. For more information, contact Taylor Wise-Harthorn at twiseharthorn@hollandmuseum.org or (616) 796-2080. Updated 3/31/2014

Hispanic Center of Western Michigan
The Hispanic Center of Western Michigan is seeking passionate and dedicated individuals to become volunteers and interns for the Supporting Our Leaders (SOL) Youth Program. No experience is necessary and Spanish is not required but is preferred. The SOL Program gladly accepts volunteers and interns from September- May each year. They serve over 450 Kent County youth, ages 14+, through a variety of after-school programming. Volunteers are asked to commit to one day per week for 2 hours for at least one semester. Internships are generally a minimum of 10 hours per week and are unpaid positions. Volunteers will gain valuable experience working with a diverse group of staff and students. These positions are great for students looking to gain experience in public administration, education, criminal justice, nonprofit management and many more. Please visit their website https://SOLVolunteerOrientation.eventbrite.com for more information and detailed position descriptions. For more information, contact Rachel Lopez at rlopez@hispanic-center.org or (616) 246-0562. Updated 9/5/2014

Trinitas Classical School - Classroom Volunteer
Want to build your resume for a teaching job? Small private school in the area is looking for classroom aides. You may request the area you would most like to experience- art, music, math, Latin, literature... and grade levels K through 8th grade. This is a great opportunity to get experience in the classroom and build your resume. For more information, contact Sam Bodine at sbodine1@gmail.com. Updated 4/10/14
For similar opportunities, see Children & Youth Education, Schools.

Coopersville Farm Museum
Volunteers are needed to list events on websites and to assist with exhibits. Students who are interested should have some familiarization with museum events and accurate computer skills. Someone is needed on a regular basis, but the schedule is flexible. For more information on this opportunity, contact LeeAnn Creager at (616) 997-8555 or leeannc@coopersvillefarmmuseum.orgUpdated 4/8/14

Girls Choral Academy
Volunteers will commit to meet at least for the duration of the school year. Mentors should see their girls once per month from October through May, as well as corresponding monthly via mail. Activities will be planned by Girls Choral Academy throughout the year and mentors will be provided with a calendar. Girls Choral Academy Grandville Avenue Girls Choir program is an after school choir dedicated to enhancing children's lives through music. While learning music, we also emphasize self-esteem, self-confidence and leadership skills. For more information on this opportunity, contact Amanda Thorstein at (616) 361-6111 or amanda@girlschoralacademy.orgPosted 08/29/12
For similar opportunities, see Children & Youth Education, Youth & Children Services.

Art Gallery and Studio - Heartside Ministry
Heartside Ministry is in need of volunteers for various duties around the art gallery and studio, including meeting artists, listening and encouraging them on their projects, Distributing supplies and offering constructive support, and tidying up and sorting. Other volunteers are needed for the following duties: hospitality volunteer, GED tutor, greeter, computer center monitor, writers' group facilitator, and other special projects. For more information, contact Helen Van Essendelft at (616) 235-7211x108 or at volunteer@heartside.orgUpdated 5/29/14.

Allendale Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
Caring and compassionate individuals wanted to help out in our Nursing Home Activities Department. We are looking for energetic individuals who enjoy working with and helping older adults. Duties include assisting with the activities that are scheduled including assisting with transporting Nursing Home Residents to location of the activity and assisting or leading the activity. Other duties include visiting with Residents on a one-on-one basis, helping to prepare for activities and light paperwork. For more information, contact Sarah Nickels at 616-895-6688 or allendalerehabandnursing@gmail.comUpdated 1/8/14.
For similar opportunities, see Health & Wellness.

Eastown Community Association ~ On-Call Volunteers
Eastown Community Association is always trying to find new ways to assist residents in Grand Rapids and help the community thrive. One frequent request they receive from Senior residents is help clearing leaves and snow, and minor repairs around their homes. They value all of our residents and would like to help Seniors stay in their homes by assisting them with some of these basic tasks. They are looking to put together a list of "on-call volunteers" that they can reach out to when a Senior resident contacts them for assistance. When they receive the request, it will be taken care of within one to two business days. If you are interested in joining the On-Call volunteers contact Lindsey Ruffin at 616-451-3025 or at lindsey@eastown.orgPosted 10/31/2014

Wings Home - Caregivers
The Wings Home is a four-bedroom, residential home where terminally ill patients are cared for in the final six weeks of life. Care is provided around the clock by a combination of volunteers and professional caregivers. The volunteers/caregivers provide home cooked meals, medication administration, and personal care in a home-like atmosphere. We are looking for volunteers to serve as caregivers for patients. The volunteer shifts are 7am-12pm, 12pm-5pm and 5pm-10pm. (other times available if you are not able to volunteer those specific shifts). For more information, contact Courtney Deater at 269-686-9653 or volunteer@wingsofhopehospice.comUpdated 4/10/14
For similar opportunities, see Health & Wellness.

Odyssey Hospice - Hospice Volunteer
Odyssey Hospice is looking for volunteers willing to bring compassion to those at the end of life's journey. The positions and commitment varies, but Odyssey will endeavor to match volunteers skills/interests with the needs of our patients and their families. For more information, contact Maureen Fleming at 616-249-3043 or Maureen.Fleming@Gentiva.comPosted 10/9/13
For similar opportunities, see Health & Wellness.

Great Lakes Caring Hospice
This is an excellent opportunity for students looking to volunteer in the home care environment. Be a friend to someone who is ill and in need of end of life companionship and support. Volunteers are needed to sit with patients and offer companionship and support to patients and their families. Great Lakes Caring Hospice also needs volunteers who can sit respite for patient families so that they can get away for a few hours to run errands. For more information on these opportunities, click here. Updated 5/29/14
For similar opportunities, see Health & Wellness.

Hospice of Holland
The two main volunteer requests are for weekly companionship visits to patients in their homes, facilities or at the Hospice House and for respite visits done at a patient's home. Respite visits allows the caregiver to take a break knowing that a trained volunteer is sitting with their loved one. Volunteers DO NOT perform any personal care to our patients and spend most of their time developing a relationship, in life review and having fun with the patient! Training is necessary to volunteer. We offer HOP (Hospice Orientation Program) training twice a year, in the fall and in the spring. The HOP training will enable volunteers to have a greater knowledge of the dying process, understand the different roles the staff at Hospice of Holland plays to ensure our patients have excellent care and how our volunteers play a vital role in our patient care. There are many other ways to get involved! For more information on this opportunity or others, contact Becca Benjamin at 616-396-2972 or volcoor@hollandhospice.orgUpdated 5/29/14
For similar opportunities, see Health & Wellness.

Spectrum Health Hospice 
Would you like to read to a patient who can no longer see the pages? Play cards with someone who is lonely? Watch a Tigers game with a patient while their spouse goes out to get groceries? Sing with or play a favorite hymn on the piano for a patient that can no longer attend church services? Review a photo album with someone who wants to remember a favorite trip or document a life story for someone who wants to leave their stories behind for their loved ones? Spectrum Health Hospice is now serving end of life patients in a wide geographic area thru out West Michigan. We are looking for volunteers that are interested in supporting our patients thru the compassionate donation of time and caring.. We provide the training that you need to make a significant difference for someone in your community. You will gain so much more than you are giving. Note that we keep a database of individuals that would like to be notified of upcoming volunteer trainings as they are scheduled. We typically rotate day time and evening classes and choose a variety of locations to try and accommodate many schedules and geographic areas. Due to the extensive training involved and the costs we incur for training we require a one year commitment after volunteers have completed the training class. Please contact Yvonne Elliott thru email at Yvonne.elliott@spectrumhealth.org or by phone 616-391-4240 for more information and application materials. Updated 4/22/14.
For similar opportunities, see Health & Wellness

Bethany Christian Services - Tutoring for Refugee & Immigrant High School Youth
Tutors are needed to give homework help to youth in various subjects (mainly math, science, and English as a second language). Bilingual skills are a plus though not required. Weekly tutoring sessions are Wednesdays from 3-4:30pm at Bethany's main campus in NE Grand Rapids. Volunteers are needed starting on January 21st. Contact Nicole Johnson at refugeementoring@bethany.org or at (616) 965-8018 for further information. 1/8/2014. 

Allendale Public Schools - Community Homework Center
Volunteers are needed beginning in January 2015 to help reach at-risk students through additional homework and tutoring assistance by targeting areas of the community that are statistically below average in areas of literacy and educational levels. Ultimately we hope that the literacy and educational gaps would close between our target areas and the non-economically disadvantaged students. Students in need of tutoring assistance could be grades 7-12. Contact Jacob Mucha at (269) 487-7109 or jamucha@miottawa.org for further details. Posted 12/3/2014.

Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities - Homework Helpers Needed
With their Cook Library Scholars program designed to engage families in the Grandville Avenue neighborhood and prepare youth to achieve academic success. To make this possible, they need volunteers to assist with homework help at the Cook Library Center. Volunteers will be involved with general homework assistance for 1st-8th grade students. Most of the students in the program are bilingual, offering a great opportunity to practice Spanish! Skills in math, science, writing, and Spanish are helpful but not necessary. The program begins 9/15/14 and is held Mon-Thurs from 4-6 PM. For more information, contact Javier Cervantes at 616-475-1155 or clsmanager@gaah.org Posted 9/9/14.

Grand Rapids Creative Youth CenterWriting Workshops and Tutors
The Creative Youth Center is looking for volunteers to attend the Afterschool Adventure which helps 3rd-6th grade students build confidence and creativity through writing, reading, and engaging with peers. Tutors are also needed to work with middle and high school students on any academic subject, in a one-on-one setting. The Creative Youth Center also runs weekly, off-site creative writing workshops in collaboration with community partners. Writing field trips for middle school Press Club students take place on Saturdays and writing sessions the following Tuesday in which volunteers help and encourage students to gather the appropriate information to write their articles. For more information visit http://www.creativeyouthcenter.org/contact-us/ Posted 8/28/14

ELS Language Centers - Conversation Partner Program
Volunteers are needed to engage in regular conversations with those going through the ESL (English as a Second Language) program. Students participate in a casual environment to practice their skills and share their culture and language. Volunteers meet once a week for an hour, often at lunchtime or for coffee. They are not there to provide language instruction, just simply to engage in natural conversation. Must have a desire to work with students from a different culture. This will take place at the ELS Language Centers at Meadows Crossing (Moving to Au Sable Hall on 8/8). For more information on this opportunity, contact Caleb Griffis at cgriffis@els.eduUpdated 4/10/14
For similar opportunities , see Immigrant & Refugee Services.

Kent County Parks - Parks and Trails Stewards Program
Kent County Parks are looking for volunteers to become stewards of individual Kent County Parks. This includes monitoring trails, cleaning up green spaces, and removing invasive species. For more information, contact Virginia Sines at 616-632-7842 or park.volunteers@kentcountymi.govPosted 5/12/14

West Michigan Environmental Action Council - Rain Barrel Drilling and Prep
Spring brings rain, and rain means stormwater so WMEAC wants to arm you with some gloves and a power drill to help prep for their dozens of rain barrel workshops. For more information, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@wmeac.orgPosted 2/13/14

West Michigan Environmental Action Council - Watershed Moments Podcast
Have you ever wanted to host a podcast? Are an old soul intrigued by radio hosts? Watershed Moments is WMEAC's radio spot on WYCE which airs four times a week in 90-second spots. If you have experience with audio equipment, interviewing topic experts, or editing audio clips Watershed Moments needs your skills! For more information, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@wmeac.orgPosted 2/13/14

West Michigan Environmental Action Council - Event Committee Volunteers
WMEAC events include The Earth Day Gala, WMEAC Film Series, Women and Environment Symposium, Green Drinks, Grand River Green-Up, Mayors River Clean Up, and our Annual Meeting. All of these events need significant volunteer power from people like you! If you attend these events every year or are new to WMEAC they are always looking to grow their event team with passionate, detail-oriented, team players. For more information, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@wmeac.orgPosted 2/13/14

West Michigan Environmental Action Council - Office Helpers
WMEAC needs some additional hands in its office able to help with the phones and fulfill other clerical tasks. For more information, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@wmeac.orgPosted 2/13/14

Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired
ABVI provides community vision screening which include Acuity and Glaucoma testing. Volunteers who have with flexible weekday (daytime) and/or early evening schedules are needed to accommodate 2-4 hour screening events throughout the greater Grand Rapids area. Volunteers are required to be able to carry and set-up screening equipment (each piece is no more than 15 lbs.) and be organized, efficient, and have professional communication skills. Being fluent in basic Spanish conversation is optional, not required. Medical services experience is also a plus, but not required. For more information on this opportunity, contact Joy Wahby at 616-458-1187. Updated 5/29/14.

The Salvation Army - Booth Clinic Volunteer*
Booth Clinic is a health clinic for prenatal and ongoing family health care in partnership with Cherry Street Health Services to ensure that babies are delivered healthy and stay healthy in their early years, and that young mothers are supported in this process through traditional and creative approaches. They are looking for volunteers to assist with various administrative tasks at the clinic, which include: making phone calls, filing paperwork, organizing donations, greeting clients, assisting with Play and Learn program for parents and children, and helping out at other programs at Booth Family Services as needed. Volunteers must complete a background check, receive Safe from Harm training, and must be 18 years old or older. Volunteers must also be seeking class credit for their hours in order to qualify for this opportunity. To sign up, please visit http://bit.ly/clinicvol . For more information, you can contact Angela Devries at angela_devries@usc.salvationarmy.org or at 616-459-3433 x1184. Updated 4/10/14
For similar opportunities, see Family Services.

Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan - Alarm Installation
Volunteers are needed to go into families' homes and install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. The primary job duties consist of, but are not limited to, installing carbon monoxide and smoke alarms, providing residents with all needed documents and information in regards to the alarms, and gathering information and filling out all needed forms. For more information on this opportunity, contact Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan at (616) 241-3300 or info@healthyhomescoalition.orgUpdated 5/29/14
For similar opportunities, see Family Services.

Art Therapy Program - Spectrum Health Rehab & Nursing Center
Volunteers are needed to do hands on painting and art with nursing home residents. Training for volunteers is provided upon commencement of service and includes education about the nursing home facility. Although not limited, this opportunity is great for students with an interest in art or helping the elderly. Great for art, recreation therapy, art therapy, social work/sociology, or gerontology students. For more information on this opportunity, contact Kay Fricano at (616) 486-3024. Updated 5/29/14
For similar opportunities, see Senior Services.

Resthaven Care Center - Front Desk Receptionist
Resthaven Care Center, a non-profit skilled nursing facility, seeks volunteers as front desk greeters. Volunteers greet and escort visitors to the facility, answer phones, and serve coffee and cookies to those visiting the Cafe area. For more information on this opportunity, contact Sue Schurman at (616) 796-3619 or volunteers@resthaven.org. Updated 5/29/14

Disability Support Resources - Campus Links Volunteer Mentor
As a department of Inclusion and Equity, Disability Support Resources mission is to provide support services and accommodations that enhance the environment for persons with disabilities and to help educate the university community on disability issues. Presently, DSR is searching for volunteers to act as mentors for the Campus Links Blue program. Campus Links was created to assist GVSU students who are thriving academically but need assistance adapting to social situations. As a mentor you will help students adjust to new environments and routines more quickly in the hopes mentees will have a more fulfilling and enriching college experience. For further details about the program visit the Disability Support Resources website at www.gvsu.edu/dsr and click on the Campus Links tab. Mentors will work approximately one to two hours a week with mentees to create an inclusive environment that generates various learning outcomes. Responsibilities of the mentors include contacting mentees twice every week with at least one face to face meeting and updating DSR on your meetings/progress through blackboard. Additionally, a mentor may attend events with mentees, meet in person for an activity, and meet with their mentees DSR advisor, all on an as needed basis. For more information, contact Sam Lampe at 616-331-2643 or lampesa@gvsu.eduPosted 2/13/14

Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan ~ Tween Scene
Tween Scene is an outing for tweens (age 8-12) with Down syndrome. The group meets the 3rd Sunday of each month, they plan an outing for the tweens to have fun and spend time together, and for parents to relax and enjoy community together. Volunteers would be responsible for chaperoning an individual with Down syndrome, between the ages of 8-12 years old on outings in the community. Volunteers must be able to commit and try be available for most of these outings in each school year. For more information contact Alethea Mshar at alethea@dsawm.org or 616-956-3488. Posted 10/29/2014

Disability Network of West Michigan ~ Snow Brigade 
Snow Brigade is a collaborative community effort to connect people in Muskegon County who are elderly or have disabilities with volunteers willing to shovel around their homes. Volunteers are welcome during fall and winter, and can also add their name to our database of volunteers any time of the year. For more information contact Lisa Sullivan at 231-722-0088 or at lisas@dcilmi.orgPosted 11/20/2014


Route 2:52 - Life Stream C

Emergency Disaster Services Office Helper - The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army is in need of an office helper to assist with our Emergency Disaster Services program. Tasks include filing, making phone calls and sending emails, maintaining a volunteer database, and updating spreadsheets. Volunteer is needed from 6-12 hours per week. For more information, contact Kent County Volunteer Services at 616-459-3433 x1184 or KentCounty_Volunteers@usc.salvationarmy.org Updated 4/10/14

All Hands Volunteers ~ Project Detroit Flood Response 
AHV's initial efforts have focused on helping the State of Michigan organize a central Recovery Coordination Center and establish one main database for flood assistance requests across southeast Michigan. Now, they are ramping up their traditional response, putting volunteers into the field to help owners salvage belongings, gut out damaged basements, and whatever else can be done to help get these communities back on their feet. Volunteers can be expected to be gutting, mucking, and sanitizing basements destroyed by flood water, and have fun! Opportunities are available every week, Tuesday through Sunday, until December 19th, 2014 and are from 8:00am-4:30pm. For more information contact Annelie Marcilese at ProjectDetroit@hands.org or at 586-200-7958. Posted 10/29/2014

March of Dimes
There are many ways to assist March of Dimes in their efforts to help babies, mothers, and families close to home. Volunteer duties range helping sell sponsorships, recruiting new volunteers, coordinating outreach to mission families, serving on committees, or assisting with marketing and public relations. They are looking to learn about their volunteers, to find them the perfect placement! Internship opportunities are also available! For more information contact Patty Osborn at (616) 247-6861 or posobrn@marchofdimes.comPosted 11/28/12
For similar opportunities, see Women's Services.

ELNC Baby Scholars
Baby Scholars is a 10-week program that provides educational support for parents and children 3 years to 5 years old. Volunteers are needed to assist preschool teachers and/or parent coaches in implementing the curriculum for Baby Scholars. Spanish-speaking volunteers would be helpful, but not required. For more information on this opportunity, contact Kimberly Spencer at (616) 819-1413 or kimberly@elncgr.org. Updated 4/9/2014.
For similar opportunities, See Women's Services.

Help a family get off to a strong start after having a baby! Volunteers will assist with the baby, play with children, lite household help, and provide a listening ear to the mother. Volunteers must be available a few hours a week and make a 6 to 12 week commitment to a family. Volunteers must also attend a free training session, dates for these sessions can be found here. For more information on this opportunity, contact Angie Walters at (616) 516-9553 or angie@momsbloom.orgUpdated 5/29/14
For similar opportunities, see Women's Services.

Safe Haven Ministries - Childcare Volunteers*
Children's program and childcare volunteers will work with, watch, teach, play and engage children of clients who are utilizing the support services of Safe Haven Ministries. Multiple shifts are available, morning and weekends. For more information on this opportunity, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at (616) 452-6664 or thess@safehavenministries.org. Updated 5/29/14

For similar opportunities, see Youth & Children Services

South End Community Outreach Ministries (SECOM) - Pantry Volunteer
SECOM needs assistance in the food pantry Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 9:30am-12pm or 1pm-4pm. For more information, contact Amy Brower at 616-452-7684 or programs@secomministries.orgPosted 8/18/14

Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank - Shopping Facilitator
A shopping facilitator is needed to help agencies pick up their food orders, answer basic questions, and create a friendly and orderly atmosphere during the food bank's busiest times. Help is needed anytime Tuesday-Thursday between the hours of 8:45 AM-11:30 AM. For more information on this opportunity, contact Jude Smith at 616-389-6362 or judes@feedingamericawestmichigan.org. Posted 03/13/14

Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank - Food Bank Office Administrative Assistant
Filing help is needed in Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank's fundraising department and accounts payable/receivable department. This opportunity is flexible. You can come for an hour or all day! Clerical help is needed anytime Monday-Friday between the hours of 1:00 PM-4:30 PM. For more information on this opportunity, contact Brenda Ward at 616-389-6353 or brendaw@feedingamericawestmichigan.orgUpdated 03/13/14

Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank - Warehouse
Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank is looking for volunteers to help tidy the warehouse, prepare orders, and clean and organize the warehouse. This opportunity involves working in their warehouse Monday - Friday 9:00 AM-4:30 PM and Saturday 9:00 AM-12:00 PM. It is flexible and available for as little or as often as you like. For more information on this opportunity, contact Chad DeVries at 616-389-6363 or Chadd@feedingamericawestmichigan.orgUpdated 3/13/14

Baxter Community Center ~ Marketplace Volunteers
The Baxter Community Center Marketplace is located at Baxter. This is a food and clothes pantry, filling the basic necessities of those in or around this community. Volunteer work may vary but are needed 8:30am-4pm. Organization of products (food and clothes), assisting customers in bagging items, and inventory are possible jobs. For more information, contact Sonja Forte at 616-456-8593 or sonja@baxtercommunitycenter.orgUpdated 5/29/14
For similar opportunities, see Poverty & Homelessness.

Baxter Community Center ~ Meal Preparation Volunteer
Our Mentoring program on Monday's is in need of volunteers to prepare a meal for the participants. Volunteers will plan and prepare meals for mentoring participants on Monday nights. For more information, contact Sonja Forte at 616-456-8593 or sonja@baxtercommunitycenter.orgUpdated 5/29/14

The Salvation Army - Food Pantry*
The objective is to provide assistance in unloading and organizing product for the Food Pantry. Specific Tasks: Unload and stock food products onto shelves, unload and stock food product into freezer/refrigerator, dispose of trash and cardboard boxes as needed,assist Food Pantry Caseworker as needed Qualifications: 18 years or older, good communication and organizational skills, ability to lift minimum of 30 pounds, positive attitude, legible writing Time Commitment: Work at least one morning or afternoon per week Mornings: 9 am to Noon (Monday-Friday) Afternoons: 1pm to 4 pm (Monday-Friday). For more information, contact Sandi Howland at 616-459-3433 or kentcounty_volunteers@usc.salvationarmy.orgUpdated 4/10/14

Guiding Light Mission*
Guiding Light Mission needs volunteers to help prepare and serve food during lunch time. Volunteers should arrive 10:00 AM and help prepare food. At 11:15 AM, lunch is served. After everyone is served, the volunteers can eat lunch. Volunteers will leave around 12:00 PM. For more information on this opportunity, contact Marcia Gates at (616) 451-0236 ext 14 or marcia@lifeonthestreet.orgUpdated 09/05/13

Bridge Street House of Prayer*
We are hosting our summer semester volunteer training on May 16 and 17 for staffing of our free neighborhood coffee shop. Dinner, breakfast and lunch will be provided along with education materials. The event is open to anyone interested in volunteering for the summer. The training will provide teaching on the history & mission of Bridge Street House of Prayer and The Pavilion coffee shop, includes a Neighborhood Tour, Empowerment Training and The Role & Purpose of The Gospel in Urban Ministry Teaching. Roles of a Volunteer include: -Committing to one 3-hour shift per week for 3 months (June-Aug.) -Shifts take place from 11:30am-2:30pm or 2:30pm-5:30pm. -Serving beverages and snacks behind counter -Washing dishes -Maintaining cleanliness and order in Pavilion -Abiding by and enforcing Pavilion Rules -Developing friendships with West Siders -Using your interests and gifts (art, sports, education, etc) to reach out to West Sider. For more information, contact Andrew Sisson at 616-745-6803 or andrew@bshop.orgUpdated 4/10/14

The Salvation Army - Food Pantry Driver*
The Salvation Army of Kenty County is looking for a volunteer to help with their food pantry one morning a week. Tasks include pickup of food/supplies, unloading and storage of products, and assisting with other related transportation needs as directed by ES Staff. Qualifications include having a chauffeur's license with a good driving record, the ability to lift a minimum of 40 lbs. and good communication and organization skills. For more information, contact Sandi Howland at 616-459-3433 or kentcounty_volunteers@usc.salvationarmy.orgUpdated 4/10/14

Manna Meals - Meal Delivery
Manna Meals is an after school feeding program for DK-5th grade kids from low income homes in the Allendale community. This runs throughout the school year and meals are delivered every school day. We have volunteer opportunities for you with this ministry for various times and days. One of the popular times for GVSU students in the past has been on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 - 7:30. This is when we assemble meals and possibly do some prep work for the next volunteer team. For more information contact Diane Westrick at 616-283-0878 or dianewestrick@yahoo.comUpdated 4/10/14

Bethany Christian Services - Refugee Resettlement* 
Bethany Christian Services is looking for students who would be interested in helping refugee families acclimate to their new homes here in the United States. There are a variety of different ways volunteers could be involved ranging from moving into houses to cultural adaption to fundraising. For more information, contact the Refugee Coordinator at GRrefugee@bethany.orgUpdated 5/29/14

Bike & Build - Bike & Build Summer Trips
Bike & Build engages young adults aged 18-25 (up through 28 for Trip Leaders) in cross-country cycling trips to raise money and awareness for affordable housing organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Rebuilding Together, and other small nonprofits. Riders pedal across the United States by bike, stopping every 4 or 5 days to volunteer with these organizations. At the end of the summer, riders will grant the money they've raised through pre-trip fundraisers to these same organizations. You do not need biking or building experience prior to signing up. Riders will train on the bike and complete sweat equity to prepare for the trip. Trips begin in May and June of each year and last about 10-11 weeks (see the website, bikeandbuild.org, for this year's route dates). Riders will complete the trip on one of our 8 cross-country teams, made of 32 individuals from all over the United States. A cool perk? Bike & Build will provide all participants with a road bike to complete the trip. Once you dip your front tire in the Pacific Ocean at the end of the summer, the bike is yours to keep. For more information, contact Justin Villere at 267-331-8488 or justin@bikeandbuild.orgPosted 8/26/14

Love Inc. of Allendale
Love Inc. of Allendale is looking for volunteers to help at their donation center! They receive a number of donations on a daily basis ranging from clothing, to furniture and they simply need help sorting and organizing it. They have a variety of jobs so there is something for everyone to use their strengths! The center is opened every day of the week, except Sundays and is open for volunteers from 9:00am-3:00pm. Tasks include sorting/tagging/hanging clothes, sorting shoes, sorting housewares, painting furniture, putting together floral arrangements, sorting jewelry, and moving boxes! It is a great way to get a lot of service hours! For more information contact Brittany Scholten at 616-516-7892 or at brittanyscholten17@gmail.comPosted 10/31/2014

In The Image - Free Store Assistance
In The Image is a non-profit organization that gives away clothing, housewares, furniture, appliances, and so much more to the people in need of the West Michigan community. They need help stocking the Free Store each day between the hours of 8:30am and 4pm. Volunteers will take in donations, sort through clothes and housewares, hang items, stock the Free Store floor, provide great customer service to shoppers, and possibly help on in the fleet department (trucking). For more information, contact Bethann Egan at 616-456-6150 or began@intheimage.orgPosted 6/16/14

Pine Rest Thrift Store - Thrift Store Assistance
Volunteers are needed on a one-time, monthly or on-going basis to help sort donations, price donations, cashier, and more. All proceeds benefit patient care at Pine Rest. For more information, contact Carrie VanDenBrink at 616-258-7425 or carrie.vandenbrink@pinerest.orgPosted 3/19/14

Degage Ministries - Women's Shelter Attendant*
Women's Shelter volunteers typically commit to one evening per week from 5:45 to 8:30. Volunteers open lockers for patrons, distribute towels for showers and tokens for laundry, and help provide a caring and welcoming atmosphere. For more information, contact Bonnie Mulder at 616-454-1661 or bonnie@degageministries.orgPosted 2/25/14

Degage Ministries - Hygiene Desk Attendant*
Hygiene Desk Attendants are needed each weekday from 8:00-11:30am and 1:00-3:00pm as well as Saturdays from 8:30-11:30. Volunteers typically commit to one shift per week. Volunteers distribute mail, open lockers for patrons, and hand out towels for showers. For more information, contact Bonnie Mulder at 616-454-1661 or bonnie@degageministries.orgPosted 2/25/14

ACARE Human Services - Help Us Help Others
Over 30,000 children under the age of five die each day from preventable causes related to conditions of extreme poverty. 1 child dying every 4 seconds 14 children dying every minute. Acare works to develop or assist in the development and improvement of educational facilities or programs, medical facilities or programs, and opportunity to provide physical health care in Africa. They are in need of volunteers to sort clothing, book, and shoe donations. For more information, contact Hans Giplaye at 616-204-4651 or hgiplaye@hotmail.comPosted 11/18/13

The Salvation Army - Computer Peer Support*
The Salvation Army is looking for a volunteer to be their Community Resource Navigator for their Booth Family Services. A community resource navigator will provide vital one-on-one support to community members applying for Kent County Department of Human Services (DHS) assistance through the online MI Bridges system. Volunteers should be computer literate, have a strong desire to help those in need, willing to attend a free navigation training session, comfortable engaging others in conversation, and enjoy interacting with diverse groups. Bilingual abilities are highly desired, but not necessary. Volunteers will also help with various office tasks, possibly including data entry and filing, during slow times. Volunteers may also be asked to occasionally help with the food pantry. They are looking for volunteers to come in on weekday afternoons from 1:00pm to 3:30pm. For more information, you can contact Sandi Howland at kentcounty_volunteers@usc.salvationarmy.org or at 616-459-3433 x1168. Updated 09/10/13
For similar opportunities, see Public & Legal Services

The Salvation Army - Housing Navigation Group Assistant/AmeriCorps Liaison
The Salvation army is looking for a volunteer to provide support to staff and clients for/during their Housing Navigation Group meetings. The volunteer will work with AmeriCorps service members and Salvation Army staff, providing support for their work with the Housing Navigation Group. This is a 5-10 hour per week committment with a minimum of one in-person meeting with an AmeriCorps member per week and at least one Navigation hour a week (2:00-3:00pm Mondays and Wednesdays). The volunteer will assist with setup and breakdown of Navigation hour on day of attendance (about half an hour before and after), contacting Navigation community partners and updating their information, assisting with finding new community partners when needed, assisting with organization and dissemination of Navigation hour resourse, and assisting clients with resource navigation (training required). The volunteer must be 18 years or older, and have effective written and verbal communication skills. For more information, please contact Sandi Howland at (616) 459-3433 or kentcounty_volunteers@usc.salvationarmy.org.

Habitat for Humanity of Kent County
Do you want something fun and active to do during the school year? Do you want to learn construction skills while helping to build a house? At Habitat for Humanity you can do this, all while helping to strengthen local families and communities through affordable home ownership! In order to make our homes affordable, Habitat utilizes a volunteer labor force, and we need you! On site volunteers do everything from framing to painting to trim carpentry. No experience is necessary and we mean it! Our skilled Site Supervisors will teach you all of the skills you need each day, on site. If you're willing to brave the winter weather become a Habitat Winter Warrior, come out with us between November and March and get a free Winter Warriors T-shirt! For more information contact Sarah Brandt at (616) 588-5226 or sbrandt@habitatkent.orgUpdated 09/04/2014

Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank - Donation Sorting 
The food bank desperately needs able bodied volunteers to help sort weekly donations coming in from area retail stores on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The times are from 1:30-4:30 PM but these hours are also flexible. For more information contact Dena Rogers at (616) 389-6251 or DenaR@FeedingAmericaWestMichigan.org Updated 4/10/14

Family Futures - Birth Certificate Registry Mailing Volunteer
Family Futures provides the families of newborn infants in Kent County with information on the free programs and services we offer and allow them the opportunity to easily and conveniently sign up. This mailing is sent out twice each month and is prepared at the Kent County Health Department. One mailing typically takes a single volunteer 4 to 6 hours to complete, but can be done in less time with two volunteers working together. If you are interested in supporting new parents in our community and would like to hear more about this opportunity, let us know! For more information on this opportunity, please contact Bryana Hopkins at 616-855-5461 or bhopkins@familyfutures.net. Posted 2/28/14.

American Red Cross of Greater Grand Rapids
The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors. Come explore how you can help in your community! Visit the website to learn more about potential volunteer opportunities, their mission, and the services they provide nationwide. For more information, contact Melanie Lorts at melanie.lorts@redcross.org or 616-456-8661. Posted 12/4/2014

This opportunity will begin again in the fall.
Life Stream church is looking for 10-12 volunteers who have a passion for children and learning about Jesus. Specifically, they are looking for individuals to lead listening groups of 4 kids and listen as they recite their verse. They will also help out the Game Leaders during game time. This position is from January 9 to March 27, every Wednesday from 6:15-7:45pm. Contact Vickie Bird at 616-890-0358 or spartan0692@gmail.comUpdated 4/10/14

Comprenew - Collection Events
Have a great time while helping electronics out of the landfills! Comprenew holds Electronic Recycling Events in conjunction with other communities and organizations, usually on Saturdays. Electronics and other materials are collected at these events. Volunteers will help unload vehicles, greet donors and load trucks. They will be providing lunch to their volunteers on site. When events are held outside of Grand Rapids area they will provide transportation. For more information, contact Holly Aungst at 616-531-9102 or haungst@comprenew.orgPosted 04/10/14
For similar opportunities, see Computers & Technology.

Year-round Adopt-a-Beach Program - Alliance for the Great Lakes
Adopt-a-Beach is the Alliance's premier volunteer program, with some 10,000 participants ranging from individuals and families to schools and businesses. More than just a beach sweep, Adopt-a-Beach teams conduct litter removal and monitoring and complete a beach health assessment that includes science-based observation and testing. There are two way you can volunteer with this program.

  1. Volunteer: There are many designated locations that welcome volunteers. Volunteers will receive instructions and supplies to participate when they arrive at the event.
  2. Team Leader: Team leaders recruit and organize volunteers to carry out the event. The Alliance will provide you with step-by-step instructions. There are training events for team leaders. After the event, team leaders enter their results into the online system.

For more information, contact Jillian Edwards at 616-850-0745 or jedwards@greatlakes.org, or register at the website above. Updated 6/3/14

Humane Society of West Michigan - Humane Society Summer Camps
Humane Society of West Michigan is seeking motivated individuals to help with summer camps. Summer camp runs all summer long. Weeks vary by theme and age. Volunteer opportunities are weekly and can be full or half day. Our Assistant Camp Counselors help to serve as role models to campers and assist staff with tasks and camp activities. This opportunity helps to foster skills in areas such as leadership, animal handling, and communication. Volunteers will assist campers with animal interactions, day to day routines, crafts, presentations, etc. For more information, contact Jen Self-Aulgur at 616-791-8066 or jaulgur@hswestmi.org. Posted 3/10/14.
For similar opportunities, see Youth & Children Services.

Hispanic Center of West Michigan - Spanish and English GED Classes
The Hispanic Center of Western Michigan's Adult GED program is currently seeking volunteers for the Fall trimester with English and Spanish GED programs. They need administrative assistants as well as tutors. Volunteering in the GED program is a great way for a blossoming teacher to gain experience, or for a Spanish language student to improve his/her language skills. Our new trimester will begin on September 15th. We will be holding a volunteer orientation the Friday before, on September 12th from 9:00a-10:00a, which will include a complementary bagel breakfast. A volunteer description may include some or all of the following, depending on each volunteer: tutoring students in Spanish and/or English, completing resource research assignments, entering data into Excel, generating worksheets and flyers using Microsoft Office, making copies, and contacting future and present students via text and/or phone call in Spanish. The volunteer application can be found here. For more information, contact Andrea Smith at asmith@hispanic-center.org or 616-742-0200. Posted 9/04/14
For similar opportunities, see Immigrant & Refugee Services.

Supporting Our Leaders (SOL) Program Assistant - Hispanic Center of Western Michigan
SOL Serves over 450 youth between the ages of 14-21 each year through various services, including after-school tutoring. They primarily serve at-risk youth who live in under-served areas of Kent County that live at or below the poverty line. SOL is a youth-centered program designed to promote the educational success of the entire family through creative and innovative engagement activities. Some of the responsibilities as a SOL Program Assistant include filing, phone calls to students and parents, faxing and making copies, planning and chaperoning events, data entry, follow up with students, analyze student data, and research. Spanish is not required but preferred. They also are in need of tutors for this program. For more information, contact Rachel Lopez at rlopez @hispanic-center.org or at (616) 742-0200. Posted 9/24/13
For similar opportunities, see Youth & Children Services.

New Beginnings Mentor - Women's Resource Center
Female Volunteer Mentors are needed to work with a new program that matches women in the community with women incarcerated at the Kent County Correctional Facility. Mentors provide pro-social support and serve as role-models for women re-entering the community. Training are offered throughout the year. The volunteer will attend trainings as required, attend group mentoring at the jail on Monday evenings until your Mentee is released, and meet face to face with Mentee in the community approximately 4 hours per month following release. For more information contact Jamie Riehle at 616-458-5443 or jriehle@grwrc.orgUpdated 06/7/13

Hispanic Center of West Michigan - After- School Tutoring Program 
The After-School Tutoring Program is an opportunity for 8th - 12th grade students to receive the assistance they need to pass their classes and move on to the next step in their education. The program aims to help students overcome their fear of subjects that overwhelm them as well as build the necessary skills to understand their coursework. Particular subjects that provide difficulties and require more attention are Algebra, Physics, Geometry, Biology, and Chemistry; however assistance in all subjects is welcomed. Tutors are needed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 3:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m and will be assisting with a variety of tasks such as: helping youth with homework, reviewing homework once it is completed, be a mentor and role model, and support the youth staff in creating and maintaining a positive environment. (Bilingual in Spanish and English is helpful, but not required). For more information, contact Rachel Lopez at rlopez@hispanic-center.orgPosted 9/16/2013


West Oakview Odyssey of the Mind - Assistant Coaches
West Oakview Elementary in the Northview School District is looking for 1 or 2 assistant coaches for their Odyssey of the Mind team this year. Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students from kindergarten through college. This is a one night per week time commitment of about 2 hours each week through December and then a two night per week time commitment for 2 hours each through March 2014. You will be working with the coach, as well as the seven team members ranging from 2nd to 4th grade. For more information, contact Shannon Burton at 616-283-1771 or via email at msuburton@gmail.com Updated 8/26/13
For similar opportunities, see Children & Youth Education.

Allendale Public Schools - Elementary After-School ESL Program

This elementary after-school program services about 40 English-as-a-Second-Language students grades K-5 on Wednesdays after school. Volunteers that desire to work with diverse populations will work with a small group of students on reading comprehension, writing, and homework assignments. For more information, contact Didier Couvelaire at (616) 617-9666 or couvelairedid@allendale.k12.mi.usPosted 10/24/12
For similar opportunities, see Immigrant & Refugee Services, Children & Youth Education

Allendale Public Schools - Secondary After-School ESL Program 
Allendale Public Schools are looking for volunteers that desire to work with diverse populations to assist students in grades 6-8 with language, literacy, and homework assignments. This secondary after-school program for English-as-a-Second-Language students meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 2:45 and 4:15 PM. For more information, contact Didier Couvelaire at (616) 617-9666 or couvelairedid@allendale.k12.mi.usPosted 10/24/12

Allendale Public Schools - Summer Reading Program for ESL Students Allendale Public Schools are looking for volunteers to assist one or two ESL students with literacy skills. This summer reading program services about 40 English-as-a-Second-Language students in grades K-12 on most Tuesdays and Fridays. For more information, contact Didier Couvelaire at (616) 617-9666 or couvelairedid@allendale.k12.mi.usPosted 10/24/12
For similar opportunities, see Immigrant & Refugee Services, Children & Youth Education

American Cancer Society - Road to Recovery
Volunteers will transport cancer patients undergoing treatment to and from medical centers. In order to become a driver, one must: own a safe and reliable vehicle, posses current and valid driver's license, posses proof of adequate automobile insurance, have a good driving record, and attend Road to Recovery volunteer training. For more information on this opportunity, contact Michael Mason at (616) 551-4032 or michael.mason@cancer.orgPosted 08/28/12



Woodside Elementary School
Woodside Elementary School needs you! Their Baggie Books program, pairing adults with students, will soon be launched! Adults will listen to students read books. All materials will be provided. More than 100 volunteers are needed for this program to run effectively. A similar program was initiated at Glerum Elementary School last year, with outstanding results. Within one school year, the students at Glerum were performing higher on standardized district reading assessments than ever before. In addition, relationships were built, and the students developed better learning habits and a passion for reading. They hope to accomplish the same at Woodside Elementary School! They have morning and afternoon volunteering opportunities available, Monday through Friday. This is a very easy and enjoyable opportunity, requiring about 1-1/2 hours each week. For more information, contact Melinda Mendels at (616)786-1953 or mendelsm@westottawa.netPosted 10/15/13
For similar opportunities, see Literacy.

Cherry Street Health Services - Reach Out and Read
Volunteers are needed to participate in the Reach Out and Read Program with Cherry Street Health Services at two pediatric health center locations, West Side Health Center and Heart of the City Health Center. Reach Out and Read volunteers read to children in our waiting rooms to promote childhood literacy and a love for reading. Volunteers will spend shifts of 2-4 hours in the waiting room of West Side Health Center or Heart of the City Health Center reading to children. Volunteers typically commit to reading 1-3 days per week. Volunteer training required. For more information on this opportunity, contact Mikki Henry at (616) 235-7272 ex. 2016 or mikalenehenry@cherryhealth.comUpdated 09/24/12
For similar opportunities, see Literacy.

Hattie Beverly Youth Development Program Tutor - Restorers Inc.
Do you have a heart for students in our community and one hour a week to serve them? Join us at Restorers Hattie Beverly Tutoring Center! We support the educational goals of primarily low-income and minority students in the Madison Square Neighborhood. Tutors meet one hour a week with students to help them reach self-identified academic goals. Tutors should be faithful in showing up each week, encourage and respect students, foster a positive attitude toward learning, and help select materials and approaches suitable to students' skill levels and needs. Tutors are still needed this semester for middle and high school students in all subjects (especially math) on Tuesday or Thursday evenings from 5:30-6:30 PM or 6:30-7:30 PM. For more information on this opportunity, contact Leah Nieboer at (616) 243-1984 x26 or l.niebor@restorersinc.orgPosted 02/06/14


GVSU TRiO Talent Search
Beginning Summer 2012--Help local high school 11th graders achieve well on the ACT. Conduct two (2) ACT prep sessions for two (2) hours each in a subject area in which you are comfortable such as the Science, Math, English or Reading sections. Volunteers will cover one section of the ACT with a small group of students on an evening or weekend day. Using the ACT prep guide provided by the ACT organization, volunteers will explain the correct answers in the chosen section of the ACT to the group. Students will also work with their peers for the answers. Times and dates can vary according to volunteer's hours. This will occur twice a semester so the volunteer will be needed for four (4) total hours (two hours each of the two times). For more information on this opportunity, contact Sarah Keranen-Lopez at (616) 331-7112 or keranesa@gvsu.edu. Posted 02/06/12

Hispanic Center of West Michigan - Tutoring
Volunteers are needed every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for tutoring sessions and facilitation of activities from 3:00p-5:30p. Students need most help with mathematics and science. Bilingual speakers are preferred, but it is not a requirement. Sessions will be held at the Hispanic Center of West Michigan. For more information on this opportunity, contact Derek Duzan at 616-742-0200 or dduzan@hispanic-center.org. Originally Posted 09/23/11

Kent Health Plan
Volunteers are needed to help members maintain their health coverage, make reminder phone calls, make pharmacy phone calls, and assist with health education classes, if needed. The times for volunteers are Monday-Friday between 9:00 AM-5:00 PM, 1-4 hours per week, depending on your availability. For more information on this opportunity, contact Josue Melendez at (616) 726-8204 or at jmelendez@kenthealthplan.orgPosted 09/28/11

For various clinical volunteer opportunities click here.

H.U.G.S. Ranch
Mentoring children and teens age 5-18, who have been hurt socially, emotionally, physically, or spiritually from life circumstances. Volunteers will interact 1 on 1 with a child/teen for 60-90 minutes through the use of horses. Volunteers needed June 13-August 31st on Tuesdays, Wednesdays &Thursdays from 8:30am-3:00pm. The ranch is located in Byron Center. For more information contact Jill Glass 616.796.5440 or hugs_ranch@sbcglobal.net

Our Community's Children - Project Green - Learn & Serve
A 5 week service-learning program for middle school students in the GR area. Students will engage in 4 sustainability-related projects to serve in the GR Community: watershed, tree canopy, recycling, parks & recreation. Volunteers are needed to assist primarily with supervising student volunteers and aiding in the success of a project. Volunteers are asked to commit to a specific day and/or times that they will be available the duration of the program. Friday field trips are especially in need of volunteers. Dates of program June 13-July 15th, M-R 8am-3pm, Friday-day long field trips. Those interested should contact Lynn Heemstra 616.456.4353 lheemstr@grcity.us by June 1st.

Serving Our Leaders After School Program
Volunteers are need to help provide tutoring services in all academic areas, but special help needed in math and sciences. This event occurs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 3:30pm-5:30pm. Trainings take place in February. For more information please contact Derek Jose Duzan at 616.742.0200 X132 or dduzan@hispanic-center.org

UICA (Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts) Front Desk and Retail Sales (Starting July 25 2011)
Volunteer to provide office support and assist with the UICA's front desk reception. Volunteers must be able to greet patrons, answer phones, work ticket and retail sales, handle mailings, and light clerical work. This opportunity starts July 25 2011 and is an ongoing opportunity. Training is provided and the UICA is looking for students interested in the arts, non-profit administration, and business students. UICA is located on 2 West Fulton, Grand Rapids, MI, 49503. For more information on this opportunity, contact Becca Schaub at 616-454-7000 or artworks@uica.org. Posted 6/6/11

Girls Choral Academy
Women volunteers are needed to help mentor girls involved in choir. It is a once a month commitment for a few hours to help encourage girls to use their beautiful voices and have fun while mentoring at the same time. This is also a great opportunity to practice Spanish, however the girls speak English as well. For more information on this opportunity, contact Katrie Oberle at 616-299-8619 or katriebear@care2.com. Posted 2/9/11

MLK Mentoring Program
Volunteers are needed to mentor elementary youth. Volunteers will be needed one hour a week for a year. This program takes place Monday-Thursday from 3:30p-5:30p. Recruitment of mentors is on-going and trainings are scheduled once a month. For more information on this opportunity, contact Ryan Mammina at 616-901-1295 or ryanmammina@email.grcc.edu. Posted 10/11/10

The Open Book Project
Volunteers are needed to provide tutoring in core areas, such as Math, Science and History, at Ottawa Hills High School. This after school programs runs from 3:00p-4:30p on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. For more information on this opportunity, contact Jamiel Robinson at 616-808-9669 or openbp@gmail.com.

United Way-Promise of Hope - Schools of Hope After-School Tutoring
The schools of hope program is looking for individual volunteers or groups who would like to assist students in developing their reading skills. Volunteers will assist trained staff members with the children. Tutoring sessions are 6:00p-8:30p. For more information on this opportunity, contact Steve Smith at 616-247-8072 or www.office@tlbchurch.com.

Schools of Hope In-School Tutoring
Schools of Hope In School Tutoring works with students grades 1-3 in 15 Grand Rapids Public Schools locations. Last year more than 850 volunteers gave 30 minutes of one-on-one tutoring each week to improve the reading skills of first, second and third graders in 15 GRPS schools. Tutors commit to one, 30 minute tutoring session per week. Volunteers will attend a two hour training prior to meeting with students. They will provide instruction and support in reading. For more information on this opportunity, contact Ashley Peterson at (616) 340-0847 or asbpeter@gmail.com. Posted 01/09/12

Project GRAD Homework Assistance Program
Volunteers are needed to help tutor students in a variety of subjects, especially in the areas of Math and Science. Volunteers will be working one on one with students when able. This event occurs throughout the semester and no training is required. For more information on this opportunity, contact Whitney McKinney at 616-819-1166 or mckenneyl@mail.gvsu.edu. Posted 2/9/11

Student Aides/Tutors
Volunteers are needed to assist teachers in the classroom and provide tutoring in core areas, such as Math, Science and History, at East Kentwood High School. Volunteers are needed during the weekdays, during and after school hours. For more information on this opportunity, contact Tarrance Price at 616-826-4163 or tarrance.price@kentwoodkps.org. Posted 11/19/2010

WORD After School Program
Volunteers are need to help provide tutoring services to children in grades 1-8. Main responsibilities will include reading with the children and assisting with homework. For more information on this opportunity, contact Ver Tilamn at 616-459-0826 or veratilm@sbcglobal.net.

Shepherds of Independence
Shepherds of Independence is looking for a marketing intern to help promote the services they provide to the homeless or at-risk populations. They aim "To provide shelter and care that meets physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs, while fostering dignity and independence in an affordable, warm, home-like atmosphere." For more information on this opportunity, contact Shaun Delaney at 616-732-6352 or smdbfd@gmail.com. Posted 2/15/11

Schools of Hope - Spanish Speaking
Volunteers are need to help with reading skills for a largely Latino population that speak Spanish fluently. This would be a great opportunity to practice Spanish language skills while logging some service hours with children. Volunteers are needed to help out between 4-6pm, Monday-Thursday. An ability to commit to a specific day throughout the year would be ideal. For more information on this opportunity, contact Shawn Keener at 616-241-4006. Posted 2/9/2011

The Salvation Army
AmeriCorps Congregational Partnership Program (CPP) is looking for a volunteer to support congregational volunteers as they walk with program participants to maintain housing. The member will assist in recruitment, retention, and recognition of partnerships by coordinating volunteer orientations, facilitating volunteer trainings and meetings with volunteers and participants, and developing a recognition plan/event for program volunteers. The CPP is looking for a housing advocate that is passionate about insuring people in our community have access to housing resources to end and prevent homelessness. This unique AmeriCorps member position begins October 8, 2012 and runs for one year. Member benefits include a bi-weekly stipend totaling $6400, an educational award of $2775 paid out at the end of a successful service term and student loan forbearance. Hours are flexible to accommodate student schedule. Work location is easily accessible from the highway and near downtown Grand Rapids. The perfect candidate should have a basic understanding of issues facing people in poverty and crisis with a commitment and desire to assist individuals and families in achieving stability, health, wholeness and independence. Experience working with volunteers and skills in oral, written and inter-personal communication with people from a wide variety of backgrounds required. Requirements also include effective in organizing multiple projects at the same time, proficient in Microsoft Office, and the ability to work cooperatively and independently. For more information on this opportunity, contact Lori Fedewa, at (616) 454-5840 or lori_fedewa@usc.salvationarmy.org CPP Coordinator The Salvation Army Booth Family Services 1215 East Fulton, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Posted 8/27/2012

Food and Water Watch - Fair Farm Bill Grassroots Campaign Volunteer
Volunteers are needed for the Fair Farm Bill campaign in Grand Rapids. Based on interest, volunteers may learn grassroots techniques (such as: petitioning, phone banking, coalition building), work with Grand Rapids Media (traditional as well as social media), and provide office assistance (such as: designing flyers, posters) throughout the campaign. September 21 from 7:00-8:00 PM is the kickoff meeting at the WMEAC Building, where volunteers will learn about the campaign and discuss training. For more information on this opportunity, contact Jane Wiedenbeck at (616) 920-1940 or jwiedenbeck@fwwlocal.org. Posted 09/6/11

Reading Corps Tutors Sought
Are you passionate about education? Ever considered serving a year with AmeriCorps? The Michigan Reading Corps (MiRC) is seeking Reading Corps members statewide to provide essential literacy intervention for K-3 students during the 2013-2014 school year! Learn more about this opportunity and make sure to apply by April 1, 2013!

Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank - Food Delivery
The Food Bank delivers cases of food to charity organizations most weekday mornings. This opportunity is flexible and varies 1-5 days a week from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM. Volunteers will be asked to ride along with our driver to help unload deliveries across Kent County. For more information on this opportunity, contact Dena Rogers at (616) 784-3250 or DenaR@FeedingAmericaWestMichigan.org. Updated 09/14/12

Mulick Park Elementary - Talent Show Helper
Mulick Park Elementary school is looking for music majors who work well with 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders to assist with Mulick Elementary's Spring Talent Show! Starting January 27th, Tuesdays from 10:30am-11:30am, volunteers are needed to assist in the planning and implementation of school talent show. This includes planning the talent show schedule, helping with auditions, and supporting students as they audition and practice. Fore more information, contact Katelyn Kovalik at 616-459-6281 or kkovalik@hwmuw.org. Posted 1/13/14

North Park Montessori School - School Play Costume Creator
The 7th graders at North Park Montessori School are putting on a performance of Shakespeare's The Tempest this April. Leading up to the production, teacher Jenn Hall needs volunteers to help sew costumes for the 15 performers. What a fun & creative way to use your sewing skills! For more information, contact Katelyn Kovalik at 616-459-6281 or northparkvc@gmail.com. Posted 1/23/14

Play and Learn Group Helper - The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army Booth Family Services is partnering with Great Start to provide a play and learn group for children ages 1 to 5 years. The group meets weekly, and is an opportunity for children and their parents or child care providers to be a part of fun activities that will help them get ready for kindergarten. We are in need of a volunteer to help act as a greeter and helper for this program each Monday from 9:30 to noon. Duties include helping to open the door for participants, assisting in passing out information, helping mothers to find the restrooms, and other general help. The group will meet on Mondays from 10am to 11:30am starting on January 28, 2013. To sign up go to this link: http://bit.ly/bfsplay For more information, contact Kent County Volunteer Services at 616-459-3433 x1184 or KentCounty_Volunteers@usc.salvationarmy.org Posted on 01/24/13

The Salvation Army - Tutoring
Two tutors are needed on each day, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 4:00-4:45 PM to help students with their homework. Two volunteers are needed per day. Volunteers must be 18 years or older and be "Safe from Harm" trained (The Salvation Army will provide this training at no cost to interested candidates). For more information on this opportunity, contact Kent County Volunteer Services, at (616) 459-3433 x1184 or KentCounty_Volunteers@usc.salvationarmy.org. Posted 09/10/12

The Salvation Army - After School Program Enrichment
This year as a part of our After School Program at The Salvation Army Fulton Heights Corps Community Center, special enrichment classes will be offered to their elementary students. These classes could involve music, drama, cooking, crafting, special hobbies or learning foreign languages. They are open to any skills that volunteers would be willing to share with them. They would like to have volunteers teach these classes once or twice a week for a few weeks on Tuesdays and Fridays from 5:20pm - 5:50pm or from 5:55pm - 6:25pm. There After School Program starts September 9th but could offer the classes at any time during the school year. Volunteers would teach a class of their choosing to students. Volunteers must be comfortable working with children. Volunteers will need to take ot Safe from Harm online training (about 30 minutes, can be taken at anytime) before starting this position. For more information, contact Angela DeVries at 616-459-3433 or angela_devries@usc.salvationarmy.org. Posted 8/13/13.

Social Communications Volunteer - Salvation Army
The Salvation army is looking for a volunteer to be their Social Communications Volunteer. This position executes the communication and writing responsibilities of the Divisional Development office as assigned. They also work in concert with the Web and Graphic Designer and the Public Relations and Communications Director, and the Development Department Administrative Assistant to advance the Salvation Army's image and reputation electronically, via social media and on the Web. For more information, contact Angela DeVries at 616-459-3433 or angela_devries@usc.salvationarmy.org Posted 04/12/13

Elementary Tutor - Pinewood Elementary
We are looking for elementary tutors to help students that have been identified as needing additional academic support. The greatest need for tutors is in Reading & Math. We need tutors for the entire school year. This school is approximately 10-15 minutes from the Allendale campus. For the safety of all of our students, you must fill out a Criminal Background Check form and return to the address above, prior to any tutoring. Tutors will be paired with individuals or small groups of students to meet the same time each week. Tutors may also be asked to help with extra projects such as making copies, hanging art projects, assisting in the classroom as a new concept is taught, stuffing Friday Folders, etc. We can use tutors with as little as one hour/week, but we would like to encourage tutors to volunteer as often as they are able. For more information on this opportunity, contact Holli Ward at (616) 581-8002 or holli@michiganbutterflies.com. Posted 01/18/12
For similar opportunities, see Children & Youth Education.

Every Sunday, ESCAPE teaches a class called Why Try. It discusses the challenges in life and how we can overcome them. ESCAPE is an urban teen and young adult leadership program for students ages 14-21. Every couple of weeks, the class will have a "Family" day where we gather for a meal or do a service project in the Holland community. Volunteers eat and build relationships with the students, help facilitate discussions, share Bible references and personal testimony and foster a safe atmosphere for students to share. For more information on this opportunity, contact Alison Corso at (313) 720-9965 or alison.escape@gmail.com. Posted 09/13/12

Grand Rapids Public Museum
This opportunity is now full, but will be available again in the fall.
The Discovery Cart Program is a new opportunity designed to engage Museum customers by providing themed artifact kits on subjects like games, music and habitats. This opportunity runs on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:30-3:30 PM. The artifacts are available for close, hands-on investigation. We are looking for outgoing, friendly teens to connect with customers of all ages. We are recruiting teenagers for a minimum of one 3.5 hour shift per month. A brief training period is required. Trainings are held at the museum at 272 Pearl Street. To volunteer for this new opportunity, or to make a reservation for a training session, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, (616) 929-1737 or volunteer@grmuseum.org. Updated 4/10/14

Plan A Open Enrollment - Kent Health Plan
Kent Health Plan is looking for volunteers to serve during the months of March and April 2013, helping low-income clients apply for free government-funded health coverage. Volunteers are needed to help clients complete application booklets and to enter data from the booklets into a web-based program. This program has not been accepting applications for the past two years and we expect thousands of people to apply county-wide. We will provide necessary training for volunteers. We are open from 8:30 to 5 on weekdays, and are looking for volunteers to serve during that time. For more information, contact Paul Hazen at phazen@kenthealthplan.org or 616-726-8204, ext. 257. Posted on 03/11/13

Lutheran Social Services of Michi gan - Refugee Resettlement
Volunteers who are looking for a cultural experience by interacting with Refugees and helping them to navigate their new home here in Grand Rapids. Volunteers will meet with refugee clients once a week for an hour. Commitments last for 3 months. Volunteers will teach English, bus train, teach culture, and become their "first" friends. For more information on this opportunity, contact Jennifer Spears at (616) 356-1934 or jspea@lssm.org. Updated 09/17/12

Education Website Manager - College of Education: Colleagues Plus
Grand Valley State University's College of Education is looking for students to help compile or author articles and blog posts for the Colleagues Plus online blog and news site. Volunteers will routinely seek and post interesting articles and information about current education news from our region, state and nation. Volunteers will also help encourage blog posters and site visitation by compiling a monthly newsletter. For more information, you can contact Michael Posthumus at 616-331-6237 or posthumi@gvsu.edu. Posted 3/26/13

Cook Library Center - Scholars Program
The Cook Library Scholars program will be launching on 9/16 at the GAAH Cook Library Center. The program is currently seeking volunteers to assist students in homework help, playing chess, reading in English and Spanish. The students range in age from 2nd-7th grade. If possible, they ask volunteers to make a regular commitment to attend the program (1 afternoon per week, per semester). Volunteers are needed on Mon & Tues afternoons, from 4-6pm, starting on 9/23. All volunteers must attend a mandatory Volunteer Orientation. These will take place on Friday afternoons from 1-2pm at the Cook Library Center. All volunteers must complete a criminal background check (available at Volunteer Orientation). For more information, contact Taylor Whitefield at clsmanager@gaah.org. Posted 8/28/13

Planned Parenthood Affiliates of Michigan - ACA Certified Application Counselors
Planned Parenthood is seeking super volunteers to become certified as Certified Application Counselors (CACs) to enroll people in the new Health Care Marketplace. This opportunity is a chance for volunteers to do substantial outreach work and will include working closely with the Affordable Care Act Implementation (ACAI) Intern and Field Organizing Staff to develop enrollment events, educate the public about the Marketplace and the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and help consumers apply for health insurance. PPAMs CACs will seek out opportunities for outreach opportunities in their community, coordinate with local coalition partners and organizations to host enrollment events, and seek opportunities for community education on the ACA. This volunteer position will require minimum time commitment of 3 months (60 hours). CAC certification is required for this opportunity. For more information, contact volunteer@ppmchoice.org. Posted 10/21/13

The Salvation Army*
The AmeriCorps Housing Assessment Program (HAP) is looking for an AmeriCorps member to work with our community in the effort towards ending homelessness and promoting housing stability for everyone. The member will meet with participants in order to connect them with resources; assist in coordinating and organizing a housing connections session each week; and educate participants on different programs and housing options in the community. This unique AmeriCorps member opportunity begins October 8, 2012 and runs for one year. This opportunity includes a bi-weekly stipend, totaling $11,800 for the year of service. Along with a stipend, full health benefits, child care benefits and student loan forbearance all included! The perfect candidate is skilled in oral, written and inter-personal communication with people from a wide variety of backgrounds; able to interact positively with individuals, colleagues and collateral agencies; able to work cooperatively, as well as independently, and to accept responsibility; skilled and fluent with computers and databases; and have at least a high school diploma. If interested please submit your cover letter and resume by August 17 to: Jameela Maun, Coordinator Housing Assessment Program The Salvation Army Booth Family Services 1215 East Fulton Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Posted 08/27/12

West Michigan Environmental Action Council - Teach for the Watershed Volunteers
Would you like to put on waders and teach children about macroinvertebrates in a stream? Reaching over 2,500 kids last year alone, T4W is quickly becoming a spotlight program here at WMEAC. T4W is ramping up to serve 4,000 kids this school year alone--so we need your help! WMEAC is looking for volunteers to support and encourage West Michigan's young people to engage in the sciences to understand and articulate the value of our water resource. For more information, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@wmeac.org. Posted 2/13/14

Muskegon County Dept. of Public Works - Updating the Muskegon County Recycling and Disposal Guide
The Muskegon County Department of Public Works needs a volunteer to update the outdated 2011-2012 Muskegon County Recycling and Disposal Guide. They are looking for someone with a sustainability/graphic artist/marketing background who would be willing to go through the process of calling all the organizations in the 2012 guide and update it for 2014. Hours would be on your own time, and you can make the calls and update the document from home or school. This document needs to be printed before April 22nd for Earth Day. For more information, contact Sara Damm at 231-724-8846 or DammSa@co.muskegon.mi.us. Posted 2/13/14

College Ambition Program
The College Ambition Program (CAP) is a partnership among a team of researchers from the Michigan State University College of Education and Union High School. CAP believes that all students should have access to education and resources that will prepare them for college and a career. The CAP program provides support and resources to students and high schools through a variety of different avenues. The College Ambition program cant succeed unless supported by people who want to help and guide high school students to reach their potential. The CAP Mentors Program was designed to give students the support system they need to make it to, and in, postsecondary education. CAP is seeking college students, especially those who are currently pursuing degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math, to serve as mentors for CAP high school students. CAP needs volunteers to share experiences and valuable first-hand knowledge with students so that they can gain confidence and become more competent in these disciplines. Volunteers for this program work together as a team to support high school students that come into the CAP centers at our partner high schools once a week for 1-2 hours. Volunteers must model integrity, work ethic, and punctuality for high school students, facilitate a positive relationship with high school students from diverse backgrounds, work with high school students that enter the CAP centers on the high school campuses for one hour each week at an assigned time and attend one college engagement activity per semester, and remain in contact with their assigned students over email to address questions, read application essays, and offer general advice. For more information, contact Julia Dean at 616-819-7605 or Deanjul3@msu.edu. Posted 10/14/2013
For similar opportunities, see Youth & Children Services.

Baxter Community Center ~ Clinic Application Counselors
Baxter Community Center's clinic provides the Baxter Community with the opportunity to receive medical attention from physicians and dentists around Grand Rapids.We need volunteers who are willing to become certified application counselors and facilitate Marketplace clients 1 to 4 half days a week/month from the span of 8 to 10 months. For more information, contact Sonja Forte at 616-456-8593 or sonja@baxtercommunitycenter.org. Posted 10/28/13

Steepletown's West Side Garage Store - Steepletown Neighborhood Services
Steepletown Neighborhood Services is looking for volunteers to help with their West Side Garage Store. The volunteers will be cashiering, sorting and pricing clothing for the sales floor, cleaning & repairing furniture, sorting music and books and making the sales floor attractive and customer friendly. Volunteers will also research vintage and antique quality items and photograph and write descriptions for social media publications.The West Side Garage Store is a great place to meet neighbors, reminisce about the old days and help a neighborhood non-profit grow it's youth programming. For more information, contact Sarah at 451-4215 ext 131 or at sandy@steepletown.org. Posted on 04/18/13

Baxter Community Center ~ Child Care Volunteer
The Child Development Center at Baxter provides care to children up to age 12. This centers hours range from 6am-6pm which allows children to receive care before and after school hours. Volunteers are needed at the Child Development Center for basic child care. For more information, contact Sonja Forte at 616-456-8593 or sonja@baxtercommunitycenter.org. Posted 10/28/13
For similar opportunities, see Youth & Children Services.

Steepletown Child Care Center - Steepletown Neighborhood Services
Steepletown Neighborhood Services are looking for volunteers to play/sit with babies in the Child Care Center two mornings a week. The childcare center is used by students in the GED program that need to bring their babies to school with them. The hours are only 8:45 am - noon, Monday through Thursday. Duties include interacting with children, maintaining attendance records of children, attending to personal hygiene of each child in your care, and straightening of the child care rooms. Whether you are thinking of becoming an educator or just have a genuine love of children, volunteering at a child care center may be just for you. For more information, contact Sandy Stuckhardt at 616-451-4215 ext. 111 or sandy@steepletown.org. Posted 04/18/13
For similar opportunities, see Youth & Children Services.

Camp Fire USA
Camp Fire USA is in need of area individuals to volunteer with our after-school programs. These programs run throughout the school year, ending in mid-May. We are looking for individuals or groups to assist with activities or to teach various skills (dance, art, sports, music, foreign language, etc.) Our programs take place in seven elementary schools and one middle school. They generally run between the hours of 3:30 PM and 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Camp Fire USA requests a consistent commitment to be discussed prior to volunteer services, but all Camp Fire staff are flexible and are willing to accommodate all schedules. For more information on this opportunity, contact Ellen Hensel at (616) 949-2500 or ellen.hensel@campfireusawmc.org . Posted 10/17/11

Medical Advocacy and Transportation for Refugees
The Patient Advocate for LSSM Refugee Resettlement functions as a liaison between the patient, family members, medical staff, hospital departments, and community agencies during the first 90-120 days of resettlement into a medical home. Volunteers will assist patients in understanding their rights and responsibilities and introducing them into the U.S. Healthcare system. The volunteer must be able to pursue appropriate avenues for the solution of medical problems as they affect overall health care delivery and support services, assist arrangement for translation and transportation services for patients, deal with multiple issues at one time, be self motivated and require very little supervision, be very well organized and able to make quick changes of direction, be able to communicate with a wide variety of people from diverse socio-economic ethnic (refugees) backgrounds. We prefer students who are studying Social Work, Nursing, Pharmaceutical, Pre Med or Medical Students. Must own car and possess valid U.S. Driver's License. For more information on this opportunity, contact Jennifer Spears at jspea@lssm.org or at (616) 356-1934 ext 34. Posted 09/19/12.
For similar opportunities, see Health and Wellness.

Tax Appointment Takers - Baxter Community Center
Baxter Community Center is an AARP tax preparation site and anyone in the community making less the $52k/yr can call and make an appointment to get their taxes prepared at NO COST here at Baxter. Volunteers will be needed to answer calls and schedule appointments for clients using google calendar. For more information contact Sonja Forte at 616-456-8593 or sonja@baxtercommunitycenter.org. Posted 01/17/13

Environmental Conservation Coalition - Gardening at Burton
The Environmental Conservation Coalition is looking to recruit "Educational Instructors" for its Gardening at Burton program next year in February. During this informational meeting, you will learn all about our programs including the Gardening at Burton Program. We invite you to learn more about this opportunity and more about our organization. Lunch will be provided, we hope to see you here! As an Educational Instructor for ECC you will be teaching various classes with students of Burton Elementary in Grand Rapids. Each lesson will be hands on with the gardening beds and will last roughly an hour. For more information on this opportunity, contact Paris Lara at (616) 884-9864 or parislara@eccgr.org Posted 10/18/12

Environmental Conservation Coalition - Writer
Are you a freelance writer? reporter? journalist? or maybe you have free time on your hands and happen to have decent writing skills? Our website integrates the concept of news delivery pertaining to environmental news within the community, we need people who are passionate about writing and can give the time needed to report on all the latest environmental news in Grand Rapids. The Environmental Conservation Coalition is looking for writers to publish news articles on our website and maintain sections of the "Eco Center" section. This position requires you to stay up to date on environmental news in Grand Rapids and report accordingly to our website for our readers. Volunteers should adhere to deadlines and be disciplined in his or her work, be creative in his or her outlook and be able to write on environmental based topics and issues in various patterns. Candidates should have good knowledge about English vocabulary and grammar. For more information on this opportunity, contact Paris Lara at (616) 528-8322 or parislara@eccgr.co.cc. Posted 01/20/12