March Volunteer of the Month



Ellyn Goncer

Major: Exercise Science

Minor: Non-Profit Administration

Year: Junior

Dance Troupe American Sign Language Club Culture Club

We asked Ellyn a few questions about why she volunteers and some of her past experiences, here's what she had to say:

Q: What is some of the volunteer work you've done?

A: Currently, I am a Laker Leadership and Service Intern in the Office of Student Life! I also participate in Alternative Breaks (my fourth trip is this weekend!), and attend almost all of the CSLC sponsored events! I am also a volunteer dance instructor and school tutor back in my hometown. Back in my hometown, I used to be the president of the GFWC Juniorettes, an all girls volunteer group.

Q: What's been your favorite place to volunteer so far?

A: My favorite issue to work with homelessness, but I love to volunteer everywhere!

Q: How did you start volunteering?

A: I started volunteering when I was about six years old when I started Girl Scouts! But with GVSU, I started volunteering my freshmen year with Make a Difference Day.

Q: Why do you volunteer ?

A: Because nothing else compares to it! As much as volunteering is looked at as helping others, you really help yourself even more. It's insanely rewarding. I also feel like a lot of people become overwhelmed with their personal lives and volunteering really brings out the best in people and you get to see who they truly are.

Q: What has been your most rewarding volunteer experience so far?

A: Every volunteer experience is memorable to me! But if I had to choose, it would be working with the Office of Student Life through my internship. I've learned so much about myself and other people, I love it. I get to firsthand help organize various community service events, it's crazy awesome.

Q: What do you do when you are not volunteering?

A: When I am not volunteering I am dancing with Dance Troupe, I am the president of the American Sign Language and Culture Club, I also teach tennis to all ages and levels, and watch a lot of Netflix.