March Student Organization Spotlight

Humane Society of Grand Valley

To find out more about Humane Society of Grand Valley check them out on Orgsync! Or come to a meeting Tuesdays at 9pm in Lake Ontario Hall room 164.

Q: What are your upcoming events?

A: We will have events on the following days:

  • February 27th 2-4pm at Kirkhof - Tabling to collect signatures for the Keep Michigan Wolves Protected Campaign
  • March 21st 3-4pm Humane Society of West Michigan (3077 Wilson NW Grand Rapids, 49534). New Volunteer Orientation - Yes more volunteers. This is free
    • Sign up on OrgSync (under our events) or our website:
  • March 24th 8:30-10pm at DeVos Place in Downtown Grand Rapids. Paws Claws and Corks Clean Up Volunteering for the Humane Society of West Michigan. Yes more volunteers. This is free!

Q: Summary of what your organization does:

A: The Humane Society of Grand Valley is a student run organization at Grand Valley State University that is dedicated to bettering the lives of animals and the environment we all live in. We do this by volunteering with local shelters, fundraising for causes that combat animal cruelty and help homeless animals, lobbying at the state and national levels, and educating the public about animal-related issues and how to be more humane.

Q: What issues do you address?

A: We address a wide variety of issues. In the past we have raised money for organizations that combat animal testing, end dog fighting and seek to protect factory farmed animals. We work with shelters that focus on adoption instead of buying animals from stores that support inhumane puppy mills. We also have raised awareness through collecting signatures and protesting on location for issues regarding Michigan wolves and the Ringling Bros circus.

Q: What types of philanthropy and service do you do?

A: The Humane Society of Grand Valley works with local and national organizations, assisting them with their missions to combat animal cruelty. We raise money through fundraisers for different organizations while raising awareness on the issues that the organization works to fix. We also provide hands on help for local shelters and sanctuaries through daily care volunteer work and volunteering at their major fundraising events (upcoming, Paws Claws and Corks). The events and volunteer opportunities vary each semester, however we try to help out local organizations and national organizations of our members' interest.

Q: What service do you provide to students?

A: The Humane Society of Grand Valley gives students the ability to make positive changes in the lives of animals directly through shelter work and indirectly through fundraising for large organizations that make changes for animals nationwide. This gives students the chance to work hands on with animals but also be a part of the ever growing animal protection movement. We work with our members to address issues that they are interested in and provide support with any fundraising or volunteering they would like to initiate. At our meetings, we give information on current animal issues and explain our upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Q: What nonprofits do you work with?

A: In the past, we have raised money for a number of nonprofits through our fundraising events. We also work hands on with local nonprofits at their shelters with the animals and at their fundraising events. Our Compassion in Fashion show raised money for West Michigan Critter Haven; our Pit Bowl raised money for The Humane Society of the United States End Dog-Fighting Campaign and Pound Buddies Animal Shelter; our Veg Out event raised money for Sasha Farms. We raised money through tabling in Kirkhof and selling baked goods for Howling Timbers Animal Sanctuary, Farm Sanctuary's Adopt-A-Flock program and for Mackenzie's Animal Sanctuary. We have an ongoing relationship with the Humane Society of West Michigan. Many of our members volunteer there, and we have a volunteer orientation specific to HSGV members. We also assist them at their large fundraising events.