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Thank you for visiting the Community Service Learning Center!  GVSU Faculty and Staff are encouraged to utilize the CSLC's resources to engage students in volunteerism, community service and service learning.

Visit the Service Learning Web Network for information and resources on service learning. This web network was created by staff members of the CSLC for the purpose of promoting connections among students, faculty, and community members through integrated academic coursework and service in the community.

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Learning Outcomes for the CSLC's Programs
The programs and opportunities offered through the CSLC enhance student learning and may be useful as faculty seek ways to complement the learning that occurs in the classroom. All of the CSLC programs and opportunities focus on civic responsibility, one of the essential learning outcomes from Liberal Education & America’s Promise (LEAP). Other programs may include additional learning outcomes such as Foundations and Skills for Lifelong Learning, Integrative Learning, Critical Thinking, Intercultural Knowledge and Competence, or Ethical Reasoning. Please refer to the Academics Beyond the Classroom website for additional information.

The Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center serves as the primary resource for promoting a scholarly approach to teaching and learning.  They offer resources and support for service learning including a Service Learning Teaching Circle.

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