February Volunteer of the Month



Colin McCasland

Major: Economics & Finance

Year: Senior

Student Organizations: Delta Tau Delta

We asked Colin a few questions about why he volunteers and some of his past experiences, here's what he had to say:

Q: What is some of the volunteer work you've done?

A: I've worked mostly with the NFL in NYC, Relay for Life, Feeding America, & Comprenew.

Q: What's been your favorite place to volunteer so far?

A: Anytime I can work especially with people and build something spectacular.

Q: How did you start volunteering?

A: I started small with doing trash pickups and shoveling/raking, and moved onto helping at food banks, recycling centers and finally this larger scale event.

Q: Why do you volunteer ?

A: I feel it is necessary to give back to my community around me to make it an excellent place for everyone. My fraternity also makes community service a high priority and works to make a large impact on Grand Valley's campus.

Q: What has been your most rewarding volunteer experience so far?

A: Definitely my work with the NFL. It was an extremely incredible experience working with high ranking members of the NFL and many players to build, set up and maintain an event for the Super Bowl in New York City. My title was Production Manager, my main responsibilities included managing onsite requirements for assembling the event's layout, maintaining the structure and ensuring the hospitality of all guests. I was there for Super Bowl XLVIII in New York City and worked specifically on the NFL House program for the NFL's executives and other VIPs around the league.

Q: What do you do when you are not volunteering?

A: I'm active in my fraternity as a Founding Father of Delta Tau Delta and as an active officer, otherwise I love sports, movies and going out with my friends.