February Student Organization Spotlight

Sigma Phi Epsilon

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We spoke with Sigma Phi Epsilon's Philanthropy Chair, to learn more about what Sigma Phi Epsilon does, upcoming events, and how their organization gives back to the community, and here's what he had to say:

Q: What upcoming events, programs or initiatives do you have?

A: We are currently planning public events which will raise money towards St. Baldricks. Our head shaving event will be coming up on..

April 10th, 2014

Time: 6:00pm

Available to who: anyone who wants to come out and support us

Would you like more volunteers: anyone who wants to support through donations or participation is welcomed!

Cost: there is no cost, just efforts to fund raise and shave their head if they want (shaving your head is optional)

Q: Summary of what your organization does

A: Sigma Phi Epsilon is a student organization who seeks to develop balanced men with the cardinal principals of virtue, diligence, and brotherly love. We seek to improve our community through philanthropy and guide brothers to become better students on campus.

Q: What issues does your organization address

A: The main issue we address is balancing time with our studies and organizing events. As a fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon had the highest GPA in Greek Life which we are very proud of. Both grades and philanthropy are very important to us and balancing those can be difficult at times.

Q: What types of service do you provide to students?

A: We offer events such as blood drives, Rock Against Rape, and philanthropy events which can improve lives of people in our community.

Q: What Non profits does your organization work with?

A: This year, we have worked with Movember, St. Baldrick's, and the nonprofit S. P. O. R. T. S. (Students Providing Opportunities and Recreation Through Sports) which I and a few other brothers are a part of.