Mission, Goals & Overview

The Community Service Learning Center (CSLC) provides community service, civic engagement, and extracurricular service learning opportunities for GVSU students to serve our local community.  We serve as a campus clearinghouse and resource for students and student organizations, as well as provide support to faculty and staff for related initiatives.

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Our Mission is to prepare students to become citizens of a global society and challenge them to be committed to a life of community service as active citizens.

Our philosophy is guided by the Social Change Model of Leadership Development.  Our focus is on strengthening Individual Values, Group Values, and Societal Values.  Social change refers to creating positive change within the community that in some way benefits the community. Social change leaders are those who work collaboratively to ensure that change occurs. Some have described social change leaders as being focused on collective action, shared power, and having a passionate commitment to social justice and civic engagement.

GVSU's Commitment to Service
Grand Valley State University's Strategic Plan 2010-15 www.gvsu.edu/strategicplanning
"We at Grand Valley State University value the collaboration of faculty, staff, and students with external partners in addressing mutual interests and regional needs. The university offers the communities it serves resources and inspiration in their own lifelong pursuit of knowledge. Faculty and staff are encouraged to contribute their expertise and service to the university, their disciplines’ professional organizations, and the community. Students are encouraged to be active citizens, to become active service providers, and to take part in various service learning and volunteer opportunities in the community and abroad."

Our Statement on Diversity: We believe that every aspect of University life, including the Community Service Learning Center, should be free from discrimination because of age, color, disability, familial status, height, marital status, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sex/gender, sexual orientation, veteran status, or weight.  All students are welcome to participate in the programs sponsored by the Community Service Learning Center.

Please contact the CSLC if you need accommodations for any of our programs.

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