Seidman Graduate Student Advisory Board

The Graduate Student Advisory Board members serve as liaisons between students and administration. Following are the names of our Advisory Board members and a little information about each of them. If you are interested in serving as a member of the GSAB fill out the application here and email it to Joy Gianakura at The Board generally solicits nominations toward the end of each semester. 

Jason Balgavy is Vice President and Senior Investment Advisor, PNC Bank. He earned a BA, Business Administration, Alma College. Jason is pursuing an MBA and is the 2015-16 Chair of the GSAB.

Frank Bastien is pursuing an MSA. He earned his BBA, Accounting and Finance, GVSU, and is a financial analyst for Kellogg. Frank is the current treasurer of the GSAB.

Abigail Boorsma earned a BA, International Relations, GVSU, and now pursuing an MBA. Abby is employed by Nucraft Furniture in Sales.

James Doub earned an MSA, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and a BBA, Accounting, Northwood University. He is employed as at tax analyst with Amway and is pursuing an MST. James serves as Secretary for the GSAB.

Larissa Greiner earned a BS, Allied Health Science, GVSU, and is now pursuing the MSA. She is employed by Greiner Farms, Inc. and Mike Blackmer Electric, Inc. as a payroll administrator/bookkeeper.

Tyler Kimball earned a BBA, Finance, Michigan State University. He is an accounting analyst at Challenge Manufacturing Company and is pursuing an MBA.

Jacob Naylor is earning an MSA and is currently an intern at Sustainability Mobility and Accessibility Research Transformation (SMART). He earned a BA, Political Science, University of Michigan.

William Norkus is employed as a Lead Engineer/Technologist at General Electric-Aviation Systems. He has earned both a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. He is earning the MBA.

Allison Reis is the FIMBA (Full-time Integrated MBA) representative on the GSAB. Allison earned a BS with a major in marketing, Niagara University. She is currently a full-time student and employed in a fellowship by Consumers Energy.

Jose Rivas earned a BBA, Management, GVSU. He is currently a graduate assistant for the Seidman College and is pursuing his MBA.

Bill Selles is pursuing an MBA. He earned a BBA, Management, GVSU, and is a senior manager in Reporting & Automation for Priority Health.

Adil Shah earned a BS, Biology, University of Michigan. Adil is a full-time student, pursuing his MSA.

Patrick Sloop earned a BBA in Accounting and Finance from GVSU. He is currently pursuing his MBA. Patrick is a Senior Financial Analyst, Oncology and Pharmacy, Spectrum Health. Patrick is the immediate past chair of the GSAB.

Gabe Strickler is a senior buyer at American Seating. He earned a BA in Supply Chain Management, Michigan State University. Gabe is earning his MBA.

Page last modified March 16, 2016