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Supply Chain Management (SCM) involves the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing and procurement, conversion, and inbound/outbound logistics flows. The field also involves coordination providers, and customers. SCM managers are involved in purchasing, logistics, and various manufacturing activities related to control and scheduling. As supply chains globalize the need for trained international supply chain management executives increases.

SCM careers can be found with manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, third party services providers, and with freight carriers. Specific entry level jobs include purchasing analyst, global sourcing analyst, production scheduling and control, quality management, inventory analyst, warehouse supervision, warehouse analyst, SCM related information systems analyst, transportation planning analyst, international transportation analyst, carrier evaluation analyst, third party logistics services planner, carrier supervision, and carrier marketing and sales.

Marketing Major - Logistics Emphasis
This emphasis focuses on designing and implementing the best strategy for companies to use getting goods to their customers in a way that maximizes customer service and minimizes cost. Attention is directed towards the strategic management of distribution assets, customer service, finished goods inventory control, transportation, warehousing, and international distribution planning. Logistics managers are involved in design of logistics systems, planning warehouse numbers/locations/systems, planning the types of transportation to be used and selecting the actual carriers, and planning and managing the inventory that will be needed throughout the system.

Management Major - Operations Emphasis
This emphasis is designed to prepare the student in the technical and strategic aspects of producing goods and services. Operations Management involves the application of managerial, quantitative, and computer skills to areas of quality assurance, inventory management, forecasting, and scheduling, with the goal of giving students the tools to effectively manage service and manufacturing operations. SAP, the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, is integrated into the majority of the operations management courses.

Double Majors
Many students double major across these two majors/Emphases

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