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On November 18th we held a roundtable discussion for members titled "Transferring the Value and Values of Business:  Social Capital, Family Capital, and the Future of Grand Rapids." 

On Wednesday Dec. 9th we are partnering with The Trillium Institute for a public event titled "When Will Doctors Listen to Patients?:  The Promise of Palliative Care"   This will be in the Loosemore Forum,  main floor of the Seidman College of Business building.  6-8 pm, and appetizers will be available.   

The 2015-2016 KBEI calendar began Monday August 31 as business and civic leaders in Michigan came to Grand Rapids for a presentation titled "Social Capital, Economic Diversity and Civic Well being in Flint and Grand Rapids."  Inspired by a 1946 C. Wright Mills study KBEI Director Michael DeWilde and UM Ross School of Business professor Jerry Davis drew on empirical data, interviews, and current economic and sociological research to offer views on how these two major Michigan cities came to their present states and how they might face the future.

On Thursday, October 8, (in)famous biological anthropologist Helen Fisher came to Grand Valley to offer a public talk on how biology and gender affect leadership ("The Biology of Leadership"). This is the annual Barry Castro Business Ethics lecture, in partnership with the Hauenstein Center's "American Conversations" series at Grand Valley.  

On Thursday evening, January 28th of 2016 noted author and NY Times writer Russell Shorto (Amsterdam and The Island at the Center of the World) will be here to give a talk, open to the public, titled "We Are All in this Together: A Dutch Model for a New Capitalism."  From 6-7:30 pm in the Grand Rapids Press Auditorium, 2nd floor of the Eberhard Center, downtown campus.  Parking in the Fulton St. lot directly south of the EC.   

The Director of the KBEI, Michael DeWilde, gave a talk titled "What Do We Owe Each Other?" Sunday, July 19th at the C3 meeting in Grand Haven, MI.  He'll be back at C3 Nov. 22nd to give a talk titled "Oh You Stupid Monk! and Other Words of Encouragement from the Buddha" 

On Friday, Oct. 16 he was at the International Neuroethics Society meeting in Chicago to deliver a poster session titled "What (and How) Do We Teach When We Teach Neuroethics?"

Prof. Dewilde's article titled "It Ain't Easy Being Green: VW Is Not Alone" is in the Nov. 16th edition of the Grand Rapids Business Journal.

We have these and many other events to look forward to this year.  Please check back  for more information.  



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