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Photo of a KBEI Event

The Koeze Business Ethics Initiative has as its mission to examine the role and influence of business in public life, to promote inquiry into ethical business practices and education, and to be a leading resource for business professionals, students, faculty, and administrators who seek to understand the relationship between business, the common good, and a life well-lived.

Upcoming Events

In June the KBEI will be represented at the Neuroethics Network International Conference at the Brian and Spine Institute, part of the neuroscience research foundation located within the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital complex in Paris, France’s largest hospital.

We will be giving a presentation titled “Revolution and Evolution — From Philosophy to Neuroethics in the Curriculum.” 

Please refer back to this site soon for more information about KBEI and partner events this fall, including a debate in September on “Trump and the Constitution” to be held at the Gerald R. Ford Museum. 


The Three Levels of Work

May 03, 2017

Koeze Co. CEO Jeff Koeze reflects on three different levels of work, and how to nurture and develop the disparate skills needed at each level of work.

The Box: A Collateral Consequence of a Criminal Conviction

April 13, 2017

U of M law school graduate and state appellate court clerk Meredith Osborne reflects on the practice of using criminal background screenings to exclude applicants with prior felony convictions from consideration, and its impact on Michigan employers.


March 20, 2017

Trust is a fickle thing. It is the cornerstone of the business transaction. Deals ride on a handshake when trust is high, or are embroiled in contracts when trust is low. Since trust is so important, what is it and how can we manage it? by Kevin Lehnert

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Medical Ethics Resources

Medical Ethics Resources

Books and resources on medical ethics, curated by KBEI staff.