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Compliance and Regulations

GVSU has a federal wide agreement with the US government that all research conducted by GVSU faculty, staff, students, or affiliates must be approved by the appropriate review committee before the research may begin.  GVSU has two review committees responsible for approving all research activities involving live animals or human participants.

The Human Research Review Committee (HRRC) is chaired by Dr. Paul Reitemeier (Philosophy) and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is chaired by Dr. Michael Lombardo (Biology). The HRRC and IACUC committees review proposed research protocols to assure compliance with federal regulations, state law, ethics standards, and relevant GVSU policies and procedures. The committees are comprised of GVSU faculty and volunteer community members who have been specially trained in understanding the ethical dimensions of regulations and standards governing live subject research.

Human Subjects. Protocols for review by the HRRC are uploaded to a web based management system called IRBNet. The HRRC website has all required forms & instructions and many helpful resources. 

Animal Subjects. Protocols for review by the IACUC are submitted in writing to IACUC, 301-C DeVos. Application forms and further information can be found on the web at

The HRRC and IACUC committees function independently and manage their own budgets. Currently both committees are administratively supported within Grants Development, within the Academic and Student Affairs Division.

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